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  1. Does anyone know why the Revell GR.4's are almost nonexistent? I've wanted to pick one up for while, but they have disappeared everywhere I look.
  2. I've finishing my 1/48 Hasegawa E/A-18G Growler (AMAZING KIT) and am thinking about starting in on my "E" model. My question is this: I have been doing a little research and cant seem to find info on how, or if, the Navy splits missions between the E and F models. Does anyone know if they are used interchangably, or are certain missions such as CAP and interdiction divided between the 2. I do know the F models took over the FAST FAC role from the F-14, but thats about all i can dig up. Thanks, Matthew
  3. Greetings all, I know Lonestar Models made a resin wingtip radar pod a few years back, but I have been unable to find one for a while now. Is anyone aware of another source? Matthew
  4. That was exactly what I needed to read to get my E/F-18G going again. Felt like i had lost my modeling mojo there for a while. I realized i was bogging down in the details. Sometimes I need to remind myself i build for me, not to impress someone else. I'm not entering competitions ever again, so why obsess? Good on ya Dave.
  5. I offer up the Kalamazoo Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, Mi. A nice, medium sized museum. They have, among other things, a dauntless that was recovered from Lake Michigan and restored, a twin stick SR-71, B-25 and a nice collection of Grumman cats.
  6. I am wondering if anyone has had luck fitting decals designed for the Revell Super Saber to the newer Trumpeter offering. I am looking at the options available and most had decals designed both for the tail and to wrap around the nose. My concern is that these are 2 places that are the easiest for kits to differ. TIA, Matthew
  7. I hope so. I love those guys and there prolific releases!
  8. All 1/48: 1. New tool B-26 Marauder - along the lines of the Acc Min. B-25. 2. AV-8A 3. F-8C 4. New tool EA-6A Dont even need a 5th. These 4 would make for the best year of modeling EVER! Edit: I lied. 5. new tool S-3A viking with included wing and tail folds.
  9. I pulled out my Monogram AV-8A kit thinking about giving it a go. I just dont have the mojo going to tackle it. Has there been any scuttlebut about one in the works? Kinetic?
  10. You need to view aircraft from the 50's onward as weapons systems, not just an airframe. Todays aircraft and abilities are an equal mix of airframe, sensors and weapons, not to mention aircrew training. A super hornet with AESA radar and AIM-120C missiles is a vast improvement over an F-14 and a legacy hornet. Add in data linking with other platforms, including AEGIS, and you have an extremely competent fleet defense fighter.
  11. Greetings all, I am wondering if anyone is aware of an aftermarket refueling probe/bay/doors for the 1/48 Hasegawa Crusader. I have been looking and all I am finding is either the frighteningly expensive Aires full detail set ( I already have the cockpit and wheel bays), or raiding a monogram kit for the parts. I cant seem to find a separate kit from Aires. Let me know if I am missing something. Matthew
  12. Welcome to the Wolverine State! Have to agree that if you like fishing, you're in heaven. The national and State Parks in Michigan are among the best in the nation. Didn't know they had a station at Tawas, although it would make sense for the location. If you get a chance, run down to Selfridge ANGB. They have a decent collection of static AC. Also, the AirZoo in Kalamazoo is a great aviation museum. One last thing, try to get to Grand Haven (on Michigans West Coast, 15 minutes from me!) for their week long Coast Guard festival. Grand Haven is called Coast Guard City, USA after all. July 29 - August 7. You'll find most of the cool stuff and people are really on this side of the state anyway.
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