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  1. Despite of the IRST usually (meaning almost always) being retracted when on the ground, I decided to depict it in lowered position - which is entirely possible and makes the model a bit livelier. The kit IRST itself was a bit bland without any surface detail. It also needed a lot of sanding since the halves were quite irregular in shape. I engraved some panel lines and used just slightly pinkish white for the lense interior and mixed silver and brown for the ring. The shiny steel rings are from foil tape. Perhaps a bit too shiny at the moment. The interior of the canopies has green insulation material. In a model one could use for instance some wrinkled foil for the job, but I just scraped some wrinkles and dents into the first layer of paint when wet so it would not look too smooth. The rear cabin also needed black curtains which come from a Champagne bottle. The white placards are also a scratched item. The green colour looks way too light in these photos. It's really much darker.
  2. Very neat work for such a small model!
  3. Looks great! The vent details on the gun pack look so delicious.
  4. Sorry, Gene. It came straight from the heart in an instance.
  5. This coming from a dedicated 1/48 builder probably tells I've done something right. 😀 Yesterday when I was trying to find a suitable lense for the HUD from my spares box I bumped into a 1/72 K-36. How tiny it was! 😶 Seems he didn't even notice. 🙂
  6. God damn the surface detail looks great in every single part!
  7. Duly returned! No wonder she's your soon to be ex-wife! That's mean! Hopefully you'll be able to get another one cause despite of the some slightly negative surprises, it's a nice kit. Thanks for your kind comments both and thanks for watching! The nicest thing in this kit has arguably been the cockpit. I've really loved making it. The seats are very nice too and although some resin seats with beautifully molded belts can offer a bit more details, I happily settled with these. The harnesses and the ejection handles come from the kit's PE sheet. The white text on the seat pan was my own addition and is just white paint applied with a tooth pick. No real Cyrillic letters there.
  8. I find the front cockpit instrument panel coaming a bit too simplistic - no HUD lense is even provided. I drilled a hole for the lense, shaved off the mold-in two dimensional piping and substituted it with wire, drilled some lightening holes and added some details from styrene and scrap PE metal. I still have some ideas for further detailing.
  9. Shame about the slight issue with the decals. One can really notice the carrier film and bold lettering but I'm sure you can work it out. The paint job looks great though! The SMT is not my favourite Fulcrum, but luckily they chose a different and pretty cool camo for it. Is there a small step between the windscreen and the fuselage?
  10. Had missed this altogether. Wow, finally a new MiG-19!
  11. "Yeah, nice addition, but where's my bis?" was of course my initial reaction (knowing the bis was postponed until... never?) but now that you showed the marking options, why not! Funny thing, I was just fiddling (quite seriously, actually) with my Trumpeter 1/32 MF with the help of the WWP book. Despite of the long list of corrections needed, I was slowly warming. Until I bumped into a thread somewhere where a guy had found out the nose area is seriously too short. The shape of it is known to be rather bad, but the length issue really put me down...
  12. The total lack of piano hinges on this kit bothers me. It's especially evident on the nose area, where they are very visible, but on the real aircraft they are found also on the rear fuselage sides. It's hard to represent them as they should be but even a simpler version clearly enhances the look.
  13. That wingspan really needs a banana for scale, Ken!😀
  14. The wings and the fuselage were joined two days ago. Since I've been a hardcore 1/72 builder, I didn't have big enough clamps for a model this thick. Suitable were found from my son's toys: I ended up using screw clamps from a Hot Wheels car track. Their strength was just enough for this job. The fit was quite okay although I did several dry-fitting exercises to get them right. I also assembled the intakes. With the interior painted the fit was very snug. I didn't glue them with fuselage yet but just wanted them to dry in to the right shape while being dry-fitted with it. I can already see some fit issues but I'm hoping to solve them with a design knife and some sanding before glueing. The vertical tails were another story. I still have a major issue on the left side where the leading edge extension (which were heavily bent but were solved with hot water) just doesn't meet with the top fuselage. I sanded and carved out plastic here and there, added strips of plastic on other places and still the fit is poor. Luckily the problem isn't on the side fuselage - especially if you take care of it before hand with careful dry-fitting. Both the vertical tails and the stabilators have smaller inserts on the "less important" side. The problem is - just like with the wings - that these inserts sink too deep inside their respective recesses creating visible steps (along panel lines). On the stabilators it's actually vice versa but the vertical tails have small but annoying steps on the inner sides which I didn't notice while dry-fitting them. Given the exquisite engraved and raised details on the vertical fins I'm inclined to leave them be... It wasn't clearly visible when trying them on but it could be that clamping them worsened the situation. There's also something with the wings. I noticed some bending before glueing them but it didn't appear that serious. Now the left side has a Concorde-like droop near the tip while the right side seems to be rising up just a bit. Oh crap. They too clearly need some hot water!
  15. Thanks, fellas. I too like the contrast between the pink and the turquoise. I'll probably add some for the front gear well too, which actually gets me to another front gear part: the mudguard. The kit mudguard looks very plain even though its shape is pretty accurate. I added the prominent strengthening strips for the sides, some rows of rivets and engraved details. Should do it.
  16. I guess it pretty fair to say now that it really shows.
  17. Ah, pure scale model ***n. Wonderful stuff, Chriss! You couldn't be more analytical.
  18. Indeed is! Will have to try out these new Foxbats. How did it go together?
  19. I had this! The exact boxing. Bought it from the Finnish Aviation Museum, but never built it. Around the same time I tried to build an Airfix MiG-21 with Finnish markings, but both were thrown into a trash bin. I was around 20 and thought this hobby is for kids. And here we still are. 😀
  20. Thank you for your comments. Here even a less steady hand works just fine since the pink "hermetika" sealant was usually applied very roughly. The pattern on the floor seems to be fairly common if one wants to do this on their model. I also added the red lever for the pilot's IP.
  21. I'll probably do a B since the kit sheet includes one (the one with blue bort nr., 72?). I want an earlier example. I actually would have preferred a Soviet bird but that would mean more work. I had some fit problems with the wings - still have. The lower part of the wing just goes too deep inside the top part and creates a rather nasty step both near the wing tip and at the LERX.
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