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    Tamiya Tiger 1

    Nice and clean build! I take this is the 1/35 kit? I built a smaller scale Tamiya in the last autumn and really enjoyed it.
  2. I should have a pair - or two. Lemme check that later today.
  3. I presume this will have fully detailed intakes..?
  4. Wow. Just wow. This is one of those kits (or a combination of kits) that I would like to build. In a perfect world. Will be following with great interest!
  5. Beautiful! Lovely paint job and I really like the chipping effect. This has always been one of those models I've somehow been drawn to but never had the courage to get one - due to its shortcomings. It sure looks great though!
  6. The winter (which actually never came) went by without updates. I've been (extremely) slowly working with this thing though. The missiles were painted, but I'm not happy with the end result so still more work there. The intake sides have rivet lines which on some aircraft seem quite subtle while some other have a more pronounced pattern. I chose to add those rivets on mine. The even grid pattern is complemented by bigger ones zigzagging it. A bit like here, from an operational a/c: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1217189_1453173863_20.jpg.html
  7. By looking at your model, I can really believe it!
  8. Fine looking model! Great paint job too. I know the answer might be included in the video, but how did it went together?
  9. Yes, but if we're talking about a "production" aircraft in a "fighter size" class, it's the Sukhoi Su-24.
  10. No, I don't think I will. I've lost interest in certain subjects altogether, some kits just have been superceded by better and more modern ones and some have been bought from purely nostalgic reasons.
  11. In that case it really was the Fencer (Su-24).
  12. A tremendous build, Sebastijan! I especially like the realistic weathering and how the rivets stand out on the tails. Details inside the canopy are a nice bonus too. While not my favourite among Fulcrum versions - a fighter that I really fell in love with as a youngster and still adore very much (perhaps more than Flanker), you've really made it look good.
  13. Very meticulous research - and fine work!
  14. Raymond is a very nice lad and lives in New Zealand and if by the material you mean a real Flogger, probably not. He was an active member years ago, but much less these days as was already mentioned. Hope this helps!
  15. Lovely! The hi-viz scheme always turns me on. 😀
  16. photo: Reijo Hietanen/HS https://www.helsinkitimes.fi/finland/news-in-brief/17318-gallery-lockheed-martin-arrives-in-finland-to-compete-for-10-billion-defence-contract.html https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11198548 The HX-program testing phase continues with the F-35. Two birds arrived yesterday and two more today. Every HX competitor has spent a week at Pirkkala AB (First Typhoon, then Rafale and Gripen a week ago) in order to verify all the technical and performance specifications given by the manufacturers. In short the FinAF is "buying capability". 64 is considered the minimum number of fighters although it all depends on the unit price and capabilities the companies are offering. It might include fighters plus AWACS (in Boeing's case Growlers) or some other supporting systems (drones?) - or who knows more than 64 fighters, as long as the well defined FinAF specifications are met and the price is right.
  17. Oh. Was hoping for 1/72.
  18. Beautiful work! I have this same kit - in fact I was just fiddling a bit with it today. I too realized there's something wrong with the intakes (that I too realized only today). I'm not familiar with other Cobra types but in an otherwise good looking kit it just made me wonder where did they get the design from? Do some other AH-1s got this kind of intakes or is it just a stupid mistake?
  19. Wow. Looks pretty much flawless. Gorgeous work!
  20. Now, if I really would want one of newer ones -Fine Molds, GWH or Academy - I'm left a bit confused for they all seem to have their advantage. I've understood the FM kit can go together without any filler and it has some very nice openable panels - even the spine. Anyone who has the Daco F-14 book knows the detailing possibilities this opens up. The GWH seems to have very exquisite surface details, while Academy includes options for several models and configurations and seems to fit quite nicely. Clever solution with the windscreen too.
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