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  1. What ever I shall go for the Tamiya one and probabley more than one (if I can get them pass the wife) wellzy :D
  2. wellzy

    Kinetic S 2

    Saw it last night at our local modelling club and most thought for the price there was lack of detail compared to there F16s and Hawkeye wellzy
  3. Thanks Terry now all Ive got to do is find a P61 Kit . wellzy :(
  4. I agree they are mindless idiots we have the same thing on the railways in the UK ,
  5. wellzy

    Ram jet P 51

    Hi Guys Just need some information on a P51D (463528) i`ve just been given a Hasegawa kit with Ram jets on the wing tips, did this FLY or is it some figment of a Japanese mind. Thanks for looking wellzy
  6. What I would like to do to these mindless morons I cant put into words on this site , But my prays are with him wellzy
  7. Thanks for looking for me I am looking forward to the end result. wellzy
  8. Hi All Need your help on this one.Dose anybody have any information on the conversion of the B26Gs used by the 654BG/ 25BS , US 8th AAF in their photo-recon configuration for the Dilly Missions over the V1 sites in 1944.I know the cameras were in the aft Bomb bay but dont know how they were set ,Also some external equipment was taken off , but what ? . thanks for looking wellzy
  9. As Skull Leader said VF 111 did not fly F 18s but they did fly F5Es and F5Ns as VFC 111 , The only decals I know of are Two Bobs 48-143 good luck with your hunt. wellzy
  10. Dose anybody know which seat is being used in the F 5 N being flown by VFC lll . Thanks for looking wellzy
  11. Looking good,nice to see not all the same aircraft the AC47 and the AC 130 look real good wellzy
  12. Yes please, 1/48 and 1/72 if we can help with any info,let me know . wellzy( 8th A.A.F 1942-45 SIG )
  13. wellzy

    HAsegawa P-47D

    Hi Simon Can help with that bit ,I am doing the same kit are you using the Loon Dinghy packs ?. just let me know where to send them and they will be on there way . wellzy.
  14. Any ground equipment and any moden vehicles U.S. and NATO would be good plus good ground crews . wellzy
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