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  1. A couple of days ago I saw Italeri have announced their 2021 release preview. ITALERI - Model Kit Preview 2021 PDF Link https://www.italeri.com/uploads/news/AY8p8Mc4VebT1GVJ5SVhR0wRFuvMlyG6nbu5dgSD.pdf Aircraft models wise it looks like the old AMT early B-52G with Hound dogs is finally being released by them and the 1:48th S-3A/B Viking is getting a rerelease too. the Lakenheath anniversary markings have made it to their F-15E kit (dont know that kit, is it any good?), The TR-1A/B is back with us together with the U-2R/S TU-2S. CH-53E is back
  2. Yeah ok fair point. Ive been using an airbrush so long now I guess Im blinded by most of the problems people have like that.
  3. Oh Im sorry. The way I read your post you made it sound like the two are linked together.
  4. I think you might want to take a look at an airbrush and how it works. There is a channel for the air and there is a channel for the paint and they dont come together until they reach from front of the airbrush just behind the nozzle cap. It is the smaller of the two holes that the air comes out of. Pulling the needle out the back cant put any paint into the air channel at all what so ever. What you do have to consider when pulling the needle out the back is that any paint on the needle will have to go past the needle seal, which serves as a packer as well as a seal and will hold the need
  5. Thats what Im not sure about John. I dont know what people mean. An acrylic paint uses an acrylic binder or medium, its an acrylic emulsion. whether it uses acrylic pigments or natural its still an acrylic binder. The carrier or solvent as has been called here doesnt have to be water for the binder to be acrylic. The acrylic emulsion has water in it... I cant figure out if people mean a true acrylic is an acrylic pigment with an acrylic binder and a water based carrier, or if the pigment can be a natural one and still be a true acrylic. or if its just the carrier that has
  6. I feel for you Zactoman. A lot of people seem to think this is to do with Brexit, and in a way it is, but its not really, as the EU will be following suit in a few months time too. The UK just decided to get all the problems ironed out at the same time as Brexit. All ebay is doing is just slapping 20% on top of what ever your price is and sending that to HMRC, so if your prices include local sales taxes then they will in effect be charged tax twice and you just dont pay any local taxes as it is going to the UK. I cant wait until the summer as each EU country has a differe
  7. Yeah... I was really just looking for personal opinions and ideas as to why somebody might think something is a "true acrylic". For instance I was looking back at some of the videos phil flory put out on youtube when he reviewed AK real color paints and MRP paints review it seems pretty clear to me he doesnt actually know what an acrylic is... So I was looking to get opinions as to what they think they are. I already know exactly what they are, how they are made and what happens when they are used, all the chemistry behind them and etc etc etc.
  8. I would like to ask you guys what the phrase True Acrylic means to you? When you say, or hear somebody say something along the lines of "yes but its not a true acrylic" what does that mean? Tamiya XF range isnt a true acrylic? Vallejo model air isnt a true acrylic? Railmatch acrylic range isnt a true acrylic? What does it have to have or not have in it to be a "true acrylic" in your mind?
  9. You might want to consider some of the Surface mount (SMD) LEDs A "grain of rice LED" is a bit old now... I used them eons ago when I built the 32nd Tornado. but that was such a long time ago, technology has moved on loads and you could light up a 48th scale Tornado now with an SMD LED. Google something like smallest SMD LED and have some fun. Once you get an idea on the size, fitting them will become obvious
  10. Yeah I knew about all the others already, I have just never seen an F-111C cockpit after it have the pave tack scope fitted. Its interesting that the scope hood on the C looks no different to the F model. It makes me wonder how the reskit cockpit can look.
  11. I had assumed that the rubber hood is part of it as there is no other F-111 with that scope. It would seem strange to make a cockpit and guess that it might has looked something like this, unless it is for the F-111C. Ive never seen inside an F-111C though, so I dont know if the scopes were both the same or not.
  12. That round scope hood is for the Pave Tack pod so its for an F-111F
  13. I wouldnt worry about it. If you applied the decals based on a photo from that site its not inaccurate. Its just possibly not what it actually looked like during the war. Maybe!
  14. Fair enough. I got a little lost. So how did you solve the tailplane problem?
  15. If you read the article that isnt what it actually says. He says. "The 4th TFW (redesignated the 4th Wing immediately after the war)" He then goes on to say "Shortly after their return from Desert Storm, Bert Kinzey traveled to the 4th Wing’s home at Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina, to photograph the aircraft," Which says to me some time after they returned and some happened to be still wearing their mission markings... Which makes me think that the crew names we re-applied to the jets on return.
  16. You do know that that RC-135W conversion set cant actually convert a KC-135A kit into an RC-135W or even KC-135R accurately right?
  17. Get some reference photos for fitting the APU exhausts on the rear fuselage. If you follow the instructions it tells you to just place the parts onto the outside, you have to cut a hole in the side and make it fit flush with the rest of the body
  18. Anything currently on sale that is not on the second hand market though Dutch?
  19. Future, or Klear as I know it was good because it was so cheap. Not because it was the best, but because the results it gave considering the cost. The only thing it does these days that you cant get with a "proper" gloss coat is dipping clear parts. At that it is really good. Ive got a bottle that is getting on for 15 years old now at least and yes its yellowed and yes I still use it to dip clear parts and no I notice no yellowing of the clear parts at all. I never liked to airbrush it because everybody tells you to clean it out of with an ammonia based cleane
  20. 3M Scott Duraflow FH1 Readpack Powered Air Respirator (prosafetyservices.co.uk) I found these are much much more comfortable that any of the fly masks the guys wear, you can have it on hour after hour and not even notice
  21. Probably. Back flushing just sends air back along the needle and into the bottom of the paint cup then up into the paint cup and bubbles out the top, which is fine, the problem comes when the air carries on past the paint cup and up to the needle packer seal. Which these days as they are made of Teflon (the trade name of PTFE) its not so much of a problem as it use to be given its none stick nature, but the paint does crust up around it and you get a sticky needle until you clear the crust out. After a while the cleaning of it all the time requires a change more often than would otherwise
  22. That was the problem I came up to. Model Master has never really been a big brand here in the UK. The stocks are dwindling down now and the thinners for those paints seem to have gone a long time ago as they are not even listed anymore with the paints, so I wasnt sure if they even made their own thinners. Currently unavailable.
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