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  1. Hello Gang. Here's an update on the S.55 with the major assembly done and waiting for primer. Here are some shots of the scratch mooring cart. Also awaiting primer of the "metal" parts. the wood will be stained and aged later. Thanks for looking. Ernie A.
  2. Hello Gang. Please pardon the double posting. I had posted in the sale and trade forum, but I thought I would have better luck reaching the chopper guys here. I've been resisting buying kits throughout this lock down pretty successfully, but I don't know what the hell bit me... choppers are not my thing, but I can't shake this kit out of my head. Looking for one of the releases of the Sikorsky H-19. I would prefer to trade or even a partial trade, but would buy if the price is modest. In order of preference: Italeri UH-19 (with floats)
  3. Aussie-Pete, Thanks for the tip... you have given me another idea to try. Ernie A.
  4. Gees! That looks awesome. was that printed with SLS technology? thanks, Ernie A.
  5. Thanks Daniel. I too came across these resources, but did not quite understood them. thanks or summarizing. according to space x website, the length of the crew dragon 2 + trunk is 27 ft. with a diameter of 13 ft., and the whole rocket stack is 230 ft. (70M). Ernie A.
  6. Thanks Aussie-Pete. Yea, finding out the same. I just figured that there would be some accurate info out there since I see a bunch of people selling 3d printed versions of the this rocket... either they got some accurate info somewhere, or they're just close enough as well. Ernie A.
  7. Hi, Could not find any drawings reflecting the latest changes to the block 5. I did find what I thought was a good picture that I could use to extrapolate the length of the stages given the known total length and length of the crew dragon + trunk. However, when I calculated the lengths in 1:144 scale, using the total length (230 ft.) I get a total length of 19.2 in.; and when using the crew dragon + trunk length (27 ft.), I get a total length of 18.4 in., a discrepancy of .75 in. short. So I suspect the picture I'm using may not actually be the final block 5 with the dragon 2 variant,
  8. Gang, I've been scouring the internet for accurate dimensions of the Falcon 9 block 5 with crew dragon 2, but have not found anything that I can use. I'd like to verify the length dimensions of the 1st stage, interstage, and second stage for a 1:144 scale model. I have only been able to find the dimensions of the crew dragon with the trunk and the overal length of the whole rocket. Can anyone point me to a website where this info is available. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Ernie A.
  9. Hey Xavy, ...and hopefully at least one of them completed. take care pal.
  10. In awe with your build. Great work! Keep beating this beast into submission! Ernie A.
  11. Another update to the Hu-16. Also now primed and ready for paint. thanks for looking. Ernie A.
  12. Here's an update on the An-26 for this triple build. I found the attaching of the wing to be a bit troublesome and fiddly. Even after having added a styrene spar to give the outer wings some support. I should have built this multi-piece wing the same way I did the CL-215, with a metal spar spanning into the outer wing to make it very sturdy. Once built, its not bad looking given that this is an earlier Amodel kit. After primer and waiting for the splinter cammo.
  13. Fantastic work Alex! Where did you source that cube tool? Is it aluminum or steel? Thanks, Ernie A.
  14. Many thanks to Rick M. for getting me the parts free of charge all the way from Canada. Ernie A.
  15. First of all, great work! What a great assortment of aftermarket goodies. Unlike Janman, I'm not familiar with Sakura pens... what are they?
  16. Thanks Walt. Well, she's closed up and buttoned up and starting to look like an airplane. Here's a photo shot of the cargo bay (seats left out)... just to prove it's there. never will it be seen again. thanks for looking. Ernie A.
  17. Fantastic Build! One of my favorite sci-fi spaceships of all time! How hard was it to gather all the detail sets for this build? thanks and keep up the great work... will follow this build😊 Ernie A.
  18. Hello Rick. Sorry I missed your post somehow. PM on the way. Thanks for the reply. Ernie A.
  19. Some minor work on the Albatros as well. Thanks for looking. Erine A.
  20. Hello gang. A few progress pics on this effort... I finally Started the Antonov An-26. 1st joined the fuselage quarters into halves... in hope that the resulting joint fits better. The cockpit was assembled, and the front and rear cargo floors were also joined to form a single unit. After lots of work dry fitting and sanding the cockpit and cargo floors fit well enough to allow the fuselage halves to close properly. A close up of the pit (instrument panel and pilot/co pilot seats missing). Other sub-assembl
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