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  1. Well, I've been experimenting mixing paints and it's a long and frustrating process... Too, using this site has become a pitb with all the warnings... But, this is what I have been able to come up with so far, halve of the sample has been oversprayed with a flat base; On the screen the colors might seem to be far off.. What I did was using a pic of the original which seemed to have a OK white balance. Some pictures I have of this jet look overall blue, but so does everything else in the picture, so telling me the jet was actually not that blue.. Even the test sample looks different on the screen than in real life, so for comparison the printed picture.. Let me know what you guys think, am I coming close? Daniel
  2. Working on a Mac using obviously Safari this site has become impossible to visit. Every single click results in a phishing warning page, even using the back button. Too, it is impossible to post anything(no for this message I logged in using a shitty windows pc)!!! So, leaves not more to do than say goodbye to this site till it has been fixed... Cheers, Daniel
  3. I love the faded looking paint job, specially on the upper parts!!! Nice to see a Finish Draken for once Daniel
  4. I love the paint job on this one, cool topic too!!! Daniel
  5. Very good looking Fagot, I love the paint job!! Daniel
  6. Wow, this thing is huge!!! I really like the progress so far, well done!! Daniel
  7. Many many thanks for the research Jackman!!!! Currently I'm painting a plastic plate black and will do some test shots later on! I might have to order some new paints, which will delay this project even more, but that doesn't really matter ;) I'm just happy I got some more colors to play with now, so thanks again!! Yes, I'll have to work the surfaces some more. Normally I do not work with primers and get surprised by the mistakes I made afterwards. The black did not help much either, so now once putting the camera on it I realize the kit does not look as nice as I thought it was... Thanks! Daniel
  8. Thanks for the effort Jack! That's exactly the reference chart I'm referring to (no idea where I got it from)! The blue's they printed come closer to the real thing than the FS numbers they are referring to :( The book 'Defenders of Nippon' gives the same FS numbers. If I translate the Mr.Color (as per Hasegawa's instructions) I come to this; Model Art book Hasegawa/Mr.Color FS35190 308 (90%) + 323 (10%) FS35193 308 (80%) + 314 (20%) FS35189 308 FS36375 (belly) 315 Mr.Color 308 is FS36375, Mr.Color 315 is FS16440 I'll be doing some more test sprays before making a decision on what to use (and possibly how to mix it).. I did not find any pics of this jet in this scheme being upgraded to the Kai standard!! I thought that the maker of the Model Art drawing was assuming :o Interesting pic you posted here!! Thanks again! If anyone has painted this scheme before, I'd love to know your findings!! Daniel
  9. Well, I've started painting the F-4, and as said, this way of painting is new to me. It was quit time consuming getting the belly done! This is how I started off; And after a bit; I had to play quit a bit with thinning the paint and the pressure I used on the compressor. Too, I figured I have got to get a better feel and sense of handeling the paintbrush. Anyways, for my level of modeling I'm quit happy with the result so far; What I am not so happy with is the paints I've got for the camouflage; Maybe a bit confusing, but I thought to avoid any issues, I'd go with what Hasegawa has in mind. So, i ordered Mr.Color paints online. I'd never used these before and figured (using ARC) that they need special care for thinning. So I ordered Mr.Color thinner too! Well, spraying this paint is quit easy and it dries pretty fast!! But I must have been quit naive thrusting Hasegawa having the colors right :(/> The 3 paints in the middle is what Hasegawa suggests, but as one can see, they are far away from the blueish tint I need and are to close to one another! A paint chart I found online gives me FS numbers, but since this thing was painted in Japan, it is unlikely the used paints will ever match the FS standard. The chart I found online also has 2 colors backwards compared to the Hase paint instructions <_</> For comparison, the top color is Xtra Color paint with should match to the paint below. The Xtra Color on the bottom should match the one above. As you can see, they are far from matching and thus I seem to be stuck for the moment :explode:/> Maybe scaling down the Xtra Color paints with some white might do the trick, but I've got my doubts... I'm open for any suggestions!! Daniel
  10. Sentry30


    I love it! Very nice build!! Daniel
  11. Thanks for your comments!! Thanks a lot, since I've already used it a lot on this, I'll finish what I've got left and make sure to stay away from it for the builds to come! I am not sure who build the Japanese pods, but looking at pics I cannot see any differences between the French pod and the Japanese (nor the one the Greeks use on their RF-4E's). What is different though is the pylon used. It's not the one that's used on the SLAR pod. For that reason I'm trying to modify the pylon using some F-5 leftovers. Looks a bit iffy on the pic, but got good hopes It'll turn into something realistic.. I still might build the SLAR pod as well, thinking about adding the protective cover plate in the front. I find it easier to paint the aft section first and mask it up once done. This way i can handle the kit without making fingerprints on it. The burnt metal area's have been painted with Humbrol 27003 Metal Cote and still have to be polished. The rest is done with Alclad White Aluminium, Dark Aluminium and Duraluminium. On top of that I sprayed bits of Pale Burnt Metal. Once the rest of the a/c has been painted I'll add some weathering and dirt hoping it'll make stuff a bit more alive. That's it for now..
  12. This build is being continued over here. Thanks! Daniël
  13. I started this one in the Test Bird Group Build, but was not able to finish it time. Since the Group Build has been moved to the archive, it makes sense to post the final part of the build over here! I've never tried the technique of doing black base on which the camo is been sprayed. I always used to do pre- and post shading (often I did too much..). So why not give this a try!? I still have decals for an all over Black German F-4F, seeing this result makes me wanna build that one next ;) More to follow this evening! Thanks for watching! Daniël
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