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  1. Anyone have detailed info on this scheme?
  2. It appears that the first YF-17 did have the Top Gun sticker applied to the tails at the end of it's flight career.
  3. The front adapter was bolted to the shuttle first, then attached to the SCA. Here are a couple views to give you an idea on shape. Tony
  4. Muroc Models makes the AQM-37C in 1/48th as well as the different launch pylons. http://www.edwardsflighttest.com/price_list.pdf
  5. I am looking for a couple of the Testors/Italeri1/72 scale F-19 and Mig-37 and Monogram 1/72 F-19 Stealth kits for a friend who is working on a fictional diorama. If you have one you're willing to part with, please drop me a note at fotodude (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.Thanks
  6. FYI, once the orbiter was attached to the SCA, the small support struts at the base of the forward mount were removed.
  7. On my X-15 model, I used metal pins to reinforce the landing gear and it worked very well. Here are some shots of the ground dolly that might help if you decide to go that route.
  8. Does anyone have a decal sheet they could scan of the F-104 CCV markings? I know there are aftermarket sheets that can be purchased, but I only need a scan in order to recreate some of the markings for a one-off project rather than having to search the web for photos and try and create it from those. Thanks, Tony
  9. 1/72 YRB-49A Flying Wing using Muroc Models conversion set for AMT YB-49 kit.
  10. Lockheed Skunk Works D-21B drone built using the Testors D-21 and scratch built rocket booster. I built one in 1/48th scale last year and wanted to do one in the smaller scale. They look great sitting next to each other. Tony
  11. F-15 STOL/ACTIVE/IFCS cockpit at the end of the test program prior to final flight.
  12. The axisymmetric nozzles used on the F-15 ACTIVE (also known as pitch/yaw balance beam nozzles) had a very unique look to them. When parked they would also relax into a slight downward position. Tony
  13. Actually there was another C-130H with 8 blade props, 92-1536 was tested at Edwards AFB.
  14. Looking great! Can't with to see the actual parts when they're printed.
  15. I just finished up the Anigrand 1/72 YC-14, It's one big chunk of resin. Comes in just over 22 inches in length. Typical Anigrand kit, clean castings but has some shape and fit issues. Due to the shear size of the model it had to be built to put on a stand. I gotta go back to building smaller models....
  16. 905 was painted white/blue in May 1983, first ferry flight for OV-103 was November 1983. It may not be accurate but it'll sure look nice.
  17. Another beautiful conversion set from Muroc Models made for an easy build of the YRB-49 in 1/72 scale. All 3 of the early big Wings...
  18. Almost done. Just a few more small details.... YRB-49 used control sticks and not yokes like previous wings...
  19. The black mounts on the previous image are the ones manufactured to hold the shuttle mockup currently mounted to 905, they are not actual flight hardware. If you're doing an early ALT configuration, the struts and fairings were quite different and the mounts used on Enterprise were significantly different than those used for just ferrying the other orbiters.
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