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  1. Mark M.


    I believe they were all made for Lend-Lease purposes. Keep in mind a few points: Those profiles are NOT always accurate or correct. The -M was visually very similar to other versions of the P-40 as well. Because it was BUILT for a country doesn't mean we didn't get it somehow later. My take on it is the P-40Ms in use were limited and second-hand. Many I've seen feature the RNZAF-style ID bands which makes me think they were returned, transfered, or swapped and desperate units took what they could get. The few US markings are legit, but 9 times out of 10 it's going to be a different version than the -M. The other time, it wasn't BUILT for us, but somehow we got our hands on it.
  2. I did a search and didn't find anything on this topic, so maybe folks know and maybe they don't: https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/usn-moves-to-modify-super-hornet-for-blue-angels-rol-419812/ The USN is asking Boeing to draw up the required modifications to equip the Blue Angels with Super Hornets. Among other changes include removing the internal gun, adding negative-G fuel pumps, and installing an oil pump in the tail for the blue smoke (and some other changes also). I'm.... I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think the SH is a bad fit for the Blue Angels. I think they ideally should have waited for the F-35, since it will be the mainstay of the naval fleet going forward.... .only I don't think that would ever work because of the radar absorbent finish on the F-35s. I don't know if they would take too kindly to an old-fashioned paint job (honestly I don't know). Interesting news, though.
  3. Just to clarify, here's the props when NOT spinning: http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/tu-95_files/tu-95_27.jpg It's quite the optical illusion. It's really based on old analog tech used with rolling magnetic tape around a magnetic drum head (think VCR if you don't know what I mean), and has no place in any digital-only technology. However.... it's cheap so you find it everywhere nowadays. It leads to these effects and the others posted above. I detest it. But... then... I'm a bit of a video equipment fan.
  4. I believe at maximum speeds the aircraft has a duration of only 15 minutes. 1800 mph and a given range of 450mi at full speed means about 15 minutes if I did the mental math right.
  5. Well... crap. I got logged out of the site and didn't notice. Didn't see I had a message, and now I'm the last to pick!! Well, if it's still available: Riffraff: 32) 1/72 Leading Edge '410 Squadron CF-18 RCAF 75th Anniversary Scheme' sheet #72
  6. Aaaand they can change that setting or ignore your opting out any time they want (and they will). Microsoft has changed their entire way of thinking with Windows 10. No longer is the product worth its price and the sales of the product are generating the revenue. Now, the product is your information. They will mass market and advertise directly to you based on your harvested information and trapped keys and scanned e-mails (it's what G-mail has been doing for a while now). On top of that, they are planning on making Windows a subscription that needs yearly renewals (at cost -- not for free). So, in short, HELL NO. Avoid Win10 as long as you can. They've shot themselves in the foot in terms of corporate world market saturation and hopefully they will realize their errors with a big financial loss in the years to come, and go back to just making a tight compact OS that does what people want and nothing more. Further, the entire POINT of me BUYING an OS (and yes I buy the proper OS for my needs) is to AVOID ad spam and nonsense like that. Win10 is designed around using that to generate revenue. HOW would I ever want to use it? Well I'll tell you how: Forced obsolescence of previous windows variants. As much as you hate Win8, it could last many years. IF Microsoft supported it. Instead, the windows update will stop showing updates for it. No more bug fixes, service packs, security patches, etc. Same for Win7. Holding back code that's already done so that it can be included into Win10 instead of the current version (they did this rampantly for XP when Vista was coming down the pipe). In short, start getting used to linux desktops. You will need to avoid the MS nonsense-BS-fest in the years to come.
  7. Mark M.

    Me-410 question

    If the parts are there, I think the answer is "yes" -- you just may need to figure out how to assemble it. The long and short of Me410 development is there is just about NO difference in the airframes from A or B to the various weapons packs. The airframe doesn't change. You have different caliber machine guns -- but this is internal and not visible. The only difference is the shape of the bomb bay "tray" (or, weapons package) and the size and type of cannon barrels protruding from the bomb bay doors.
  8. GM-1 was a very heavy and complex system and was never really operational on Bf110s of any variant. I say "never really" just to be safe in case they tested it once or twice, but as far as I can recall it was never used. GM-1 would have predated the "pig nose" -- since the Mk108s were a much much later development.
  9. You asked for "favorite" not "best," so... TIE Fighter. I loved LucasArts' TIE Fighter, and had a blast in XvT flying the TIE Fighter against even more modern, heavily shielded craft. Relying on maneuverability and piloting to avoid damage and all the while honing your shots to make every pull of the trigger count... I reckon it's akin to Sakai strapping himself into a Zero fighter in WW2 -- an extension of the self, and a tool, but not able to take much damage at all.
  10. I know this is a late reply, but I wanted to expand upon it. Technically the noses are the same dimensions, it's just an added "bump" to accommodate the Mk108 cannons on the upper surface. The presence of the 30mm cannons on the nose is very common for models -- it was the "sexy" version with all the firepower. However, the history of the ramping-up of firepower is more varied than that, and the 30mm version only came later, in late 1943 and increasingly into 1944. The early 110G models had the standard 4x MG17 7mm machine guns with 2x 20mm MG151/20s in the ventral slots. Only the ground attack units really enjoyed (or at least utilized) these as they could put out a lot of bullets into a lot of soft targets. Also good against cars, trucks, people, emplacements, and so forth. For all of the heavy fighter units that were tasked with hunting bombers or patrolling the skies, these were essentially useless weight in 1942 onward. You will find that many night fighter and zerstorer units simply removed the entire battery of 4 MG 17s to save weight, and smoothed over the gun ports. Along this time, they were also refining the design of the belly "gunpod" -- some as large as rowboats at first. So, you can see that they wanted the higher punch of more cannons to down their targets. The intermediate step was more 20mm and less 7mm. Some tried to field-mod the nose to carry 2x 20mm but the guns are very long and stuck out very far. This also had an undesirable side effect of blinding the night fighter pilots and dazzling the day fighter pilots because the big guns would flash as they fired, and they were right in front of your face. These trials were not picked up for widespread use. Meanwhile, the gunpod (which consisted of wooden ribs and canvas stretched over them) was refined and reduced to present less drag. Night fighters actually preferred this setup because the flash of all 4 cannons were hidden under the fuselage, and the pilot's night vision was left mostly intact when firing his guns. Some installations of day fighters loaded on a BK3,7 instead of 2x 20mm, some tried a Mk103 30mm, though both of these were still in development and finnicky in the air. They weren't as reliable even though they did more damage. Earlier versions of the 110 played around with the Mk103 in the ground attack role, but the ammunition load was very small and usually armor piercing for anti-tank use. It wasn't until the many teething problems of the Mk108 that the G-4 was redesigned to carry 2 of them in the nose that you see the distinctive "bump" on the upper nose of the 110Gs. There were also supply/demand issues, as the Mk108 had been in demand for most of the Luftwaffe's main airframes for a couple of years. Fw190s, Bf109s, and many other airframes were all in demand of the weapon and the production runs were slow at first. It became the ultimate hunter version, though it paid for that firepower in additional weight. Lots of weight. The Mk108 with that much ammo wasn't light, but they put two of them into it. Still, with the radar systems and alert networks of the time, these pilots sometimes had hours of warning to climb to altitude, and bombers flew at cruising speeds whilst the zerstorers flew as quickly as allowed. Also, note that once the Mk108s came onto the scene, the use of the under-belly WB151 pods stopped. They were draggy and heavy and really just a necessary evil. Once the Mk108s were in the nose, they made up the firepower of several of those pods, and the pod (with resulting drag) was removed. It is interesting to note that the 30mm Mk108s in the nose have a staggered placement as compared to the side-by-side of the MG17s. This is because of their breeches and the ammo feed belts. Also because the shape and tapered curve of the nose wasn't changed, the gun placed forward by about 8 inches (or so?) had less physical space to fit in an ammo box and feed tube. One of the guns had about 30+ less rounds in it than the other. *EDIT: Okay, I mis spoke by saying the MG17s were side by side. They were staggered too, but the space required for their bullets and the depth of their feed belts was much smaller than that of the 30mm Mk108 guns that came later.
  11. Out of curiousity, what's with all the trails on the inboard leading edges and the wingtips? They're clearly not that high, and clearly not going all that fast... They're clearly not pulling heavy Gs or anything. I am puzzled as to why they would show up at all.
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