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  1. Many thanks to both of you. Interesting detail about the leaking of hydraulic oil. Informations like these are "pepper and salt" for our hobby and makes modeling so interesting. Kind regards Stefan
  2. May i ask for your help concerning the color of the engine bay under the moveable wing? It is kitpart A13. Eduard says it should be white. I checked Hasegawa instructions available on the internet and they recommend Gunze 351 zinc chromate. What is correct ? Does it depend on the individual aircraft ? I will build eighter option B or E. If it´s zinc chromate, what acrylic color would you recommend? I can get Gunze Aqueous, Tamyia and Vallejo here in Sweden. Thank you for your help.
  3. Thank you Finn for your help. The centerline tank option part f8 is not named in eduards instructions, i think i will use the bullpups in combination with a centerline tank.
  4. May I ask for your help? I started Eduards new Skyhawk kit. I have Hasegawas weaponset B which contains Bullpup missiles, LAU-10 Zuni rocket pods and one TER. I have no bombs. I will probably build the A-4E shown on the boxart ( VA-72 "Blue Hawk" USS Independence 1965). What´s more realistic ? Wingtanks and Bullpup on outer wing pylons or a combination of LAU-10 Zuni and empty TER on centerline? On the other hand: if I want to use Bullpup: is it more appropriate for A-4E with or without electronic hump ( in that case I like Eduards decaloption B most, its VA -195 "Dambuster" USS Oriskany
  5. I read the swedish book more carefully , some new aspects : finnish FS are second-hand swedish F. In reality there were two types of F´s : F1 and F2. Only F2 had the IR sensor type 71N under their noses . Finland purchased only F1´s, 1976 six ones and 1984/85 another 18 ( this was wrong in my first reply). So it seems the only chance you have is eighter DK-207 och DK-215, both S. In the finnish book you find other S-individuals in early markings with and without IR nose. It must have been removable. No picture of 207/215 with IR nose - sorry.
  6. Hi, I checked Jyrki Laukkanens book about the finnish Drakens. There are masses of pictures inkluded. It´s impossible to find one with white markings and IR nose. I found a possible explanation i a swedish book about Draken writen by Bo Widfeldt : the finnish aircraft are of inhomogenous origin. Some of them ar build in finnland (12) and are called S ( Suomi - finnland). Some were borrowed (6 + 1) and later bought from Sweden and called BS. Six were bought second-hand 1984/84 and were called FS. 5 trainers CS. The S could carry the IR nose - or alternatively not! BS , FS and individuals DK
  7. Hi Ricardo, there is a book on Mig 2 F 13 in East German Airforce service ( DHS nr 8 ). You find a list / pictures of all possible weaponloads included - I could mail it to you . Beside air air missiles ( R-3S / AA-2 Atoll ) they mention the following ground attack equipment: unguided rocket ejector UB -16 -57U ( both for air to air and air to groud use ) , unguided air to ground missile S-24 (ARS-240) and bombs FAB-50, -100 and -250. In the book you find at least two pictures with the UB -16, but no bombs. One picture documents a flight accident ( pilot retracted the landing gear to early )
  8. Thank you for your answers. Now I know it´s a part of the gun system. You can´t see it on later starfighters and I think they removed this part after a while and replaced it with an internal retaining system. So I will fill and sand the opening in the fuselage. Thank you Andre , I own some Airdoc books - especially the one about the navy ( MFG 2) aircrafts as reference - no close ups or description in the text. So close ups of this area are still wellcome. I asked this on a german forum - they should know it. No reply at all.
  9. A question to all starfighter experts: Early maschines had "something" under the fuselage behind the front wheelbay pointing downward that´s called "delinker". It must belong to the gunsystem. It disappeared on pictures of later aircraft . What´s it´s function ? If I want to build a later german navy starfighter - do I have to close / fill the existing opening in the Hasegawa kit or let it open ? Another question : Late german navy starfighter have regularily some " black boxes " under the backward cockpit glas. What´s their function ( something to do with the flare / chaff dispenser i
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