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  1. I depends on how the art is created. If he was a government employee at the time, then his copyright is automatically assumed by the government. If he was a private person creating the art on a government vehicle, then he can own the copyright to that art. In exactly the same way, Shane Medder (flygirlpainter) owns the copyright to all the art she paints on Navy and Marine birds, not NAVAIR, and it's proper to ask her permission to put decals of her work on a sheet.
  2. Blackbird Models makes an OP-2E conversion set, along with an AP-2H and P2V-5 (P-2E). All are listed as "out of stock" on their site, but if you scour eBay, you might get lucky: Blackbird Models 1/72 Conversion Sets
  3. Most likely that is a dark grey primer that was sprayed on. Most jet intakes are made as smooth as possible in order to not disrupt the airflow headed towards the engine. Jet engines do funny things if the air being pulled in isn't flowing fairly smoothly, so I'd guess it's a sandable primer with dark coloring added. As far as painting is concerned, I would suggest adding a couple drops of black to your favorite match to FS36081 to darken it up and call it good.
  4. I'm a little on the overweight side, but the docs here said they thought it might be due to multiple factors. My initial infection wiped me out pretty bad, and left me with no energy to do much of anything. Since COVID affects the clotting factors in your blood in weird ways, no activity for a couple days + enhanced clotting = hospital stay. But weirdly, they also said they're not sure that's what caused it, since they said the dangerous clots formed in my lungs directly, and didn't travel from my legs. The clots they pulled out of me are currently being examined at UAB Medical Center's annex
  5. I spent last weekend in the Huntsville (AL) Hospital ICU and general population due to COVID. We were waiting on information on how the vaccine affects nursing mothers, since my wife is still nursing our son, and I caught it. Had to have emergency surgery to remove blood clots that were blocking almost 30% of the blood flow to my lungs after a few days. I'm not going to tell anyone what to do, other than do your research and make an informed decision based on what's best for you. But use me as a cautionary tale for what can happen, too. I was the only conscious patient in the ICU for 30 hours,
  6. Shawn, Great build! There's a version of the Federation-class blueprints that shows the standard Class I saucer section: Cyngus X-1 / Federation-class
  7. It's available on Amazon, and my local Walmart was restocking it on the shelves Sunday during my grocery run. Pledge Revive It (a.k.a. Future)
  8. MHaz

    WC-130A Rainmaker

    Here's the cybermodeler page for the C-130 SEA camo scheme. The image comes from USAF T.O. 1-1-4. C-130 Southeast Asia
  9. I *may* have 1-2 copies of those sheets in storage. I sent all but a few Fights On sheets to Sprue Brothers when Mike Pister and I decided to split up Fights On from Vagabond. (Rough year, that one.) I already have had one request for a couple if I can find where the movers put then. If you can give me a couple weeks to get out to my storage room with actual time to look, I'll be happy to see if there's any left. I can't promise they're still there, however. Stuff was packed up over a year ago, and I was already at my new job when the movers came. We've had 1-2 boxes turn up missing as we've g
  10. I'm honestly not sure about Jeff V, but I believe that's the essence of it. I find it poetic that he's now sponsored by Sprue Brothers. It's honestly sad the way it went downhill - every time I went to an open house, it seemed like their warehouse got emptier and emptier. They they started charging admission for their open houses, and only for Eagle Quest attendees, leaving NCT IPMS high and dry. The last show I went to in 2019, MMD cancelled their tables the week before the show, leaving the club with a very sparse dealer area.
  11. Hopefully nobody steals their joy... MMD failed because of mismanagement, high overhead and once a new management team was installed, lack of understanding of the hobby. In the mid 2010's, while we were living in DFW, I'd go to every NCT IPMS open house they'd host, and since my daily commute would take me very close to their warehouse, I'd usually have an order to pick up every so often. MMD had about 30-40 people working there at that point, including 3 full time graphic designers for the flyers, several other office personnel, and the warehouse staff. By c
  12. I've been told that one of the other aftermarket brands is trying to acquire the True Details masters as payment for money owed by MMD to them. No clue how far along this process is, though.
  13. Yeah... NO. Vagabond Decals will not be selling our art to anyone. Vagabond is still very much alive, and Vince Maddux and I are working on new sheets as we speak. We're about to send it off to Cartograf before the end of the year. Since these sheets were released, I've dealt with: Losing a baby girl at 5 days old Welcoming another daughter into the world Getting laid off Finding 2 new jobs Moving back to Alabama Welcoming a SON into the world (right before the pandemic, no less) House hunting in Alabama Simple fact of t
  14. So far, Anniston, AL, is still on for October, depending on how the rest of the summer and autumn go.
  15. Micro Sol and Micro Set work just fine with PNT decals. I've used them several times with no issues.
  16. When Mike Pister and I were working on those Fights On sheets, this was one of the schemes I pushed to include and ended up drawing for the placement guides. You've knocked this one out of the park! Awesome build!
  17. JT Graphics decals are great, but he takes forever to ship. Jeff W. works in the medical field, so he's been insanely busy IRL lately, which hasn't helped his shipping times. His decals are ALPS printed, and he puts the time in to make sure they're right. Be advised, though, he's having to raise prices because of how much ALPS cartridges have gone up in recent months. If you need them RIGHT NOW, I'd suggest the options from Federation Models, Starship Modeler or CultTVman.
  18. Squadron is in deep trouble. Their "Chief Modeler" is gone, and I'm being told that their CEO has departed abruptly, too. From what I've been able to glean, they've been on life support from their bank for a while, and the bank's starting to say "enough."
  19. The Pink Panther and Roadrunner art will require licenses from United Artists (Pink Panther) and Warner Brothers (Roadrunner). We looked into doing the Project Magnet and Project Seascan birds a couple years ago, and the licensing costs from Warner Bros were prohibitive, to say the least. What they quoted me for a license was almost triple the estimated print cost for the sheet.
  20. "The Weight" - The Band "Walk On" - U2 "Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong "Breaking of the Fellowship" - Howard Shore "Mr. Tambourine Man" - The Byrds "Gone Too Soon" - Daughtry *This one really gets me, after our little Charlotte. And since it's Star Wars week... "Binary Sunset" (a.k.a. the "Force Theme") "Duel of the Fates" For fairness: "Star Trek: First Contact Main Theme" - Jerry Goldsmith
  21. You might try Joe's Models and see if he still has any of the Aeroclub white metal props in stock. You need P079. I've got a set of these, and they're quite good. I'd show a pic or 2, but they're in storage right now. http://www.joesmodels.com/AEROCLUB_72_PROPELLERS.htm
  22. If you read the Hobbico bankruptcy filing, Testors is one of the top 30 creditors owed money. Could be enough to put the nail in their coffin.
  23. I've got one at home. I can scan them in tonight. PM me your email address.
  24. As a decal manufacturer, I try to avoid publicly critiquing other manufacturer's offerings, mainly because I know my own products can and will have errors sneak past not only me, but my partners in crime from time to time. Having said that, I've got a couple of Print Scale sheets, and the research and quality seems to be well done, but some extra proofreading of the art might help take their product to the next level. I'm pleased with what I've gotten every time, with one notable exception - their A3D Skywarrior sheet in 1/72, and that only for the aircraft type and BuNo markings. Skywarriors
  25. Here are links to the color charts of the remaining Testers Model Master paints: Original MM Line ModelMaster II Line
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