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  1. Do you have pylons for the great Canadian “Iron Beaver” Missle? Cheers
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Brian
  3. Most likely, the colours were American versions of the standard Btitish scheme of Dark Green, Dark Earth and Sky (there has been much discussion about light grey versus sky on several sites.) Check the ipms canada site, you may find more there. Cheers.
  4. Beware! Boeing might claim that this constutes an unauthirized subsidy.
  5. oven cleaner is often mentioned as a good paint stripper BUT beware the fumes and protect your skin. Good luck.
  6. Here is an RCAF dirty bird for your perusal. I found this on the net but couldn't find the original source
  7. I wonder if there was a "dirty bird" contest for the C/F-18s, between the USN and the RCAF, who would win?
  8. When it comes to your work, two words come to find: Awe and Wonder. Best wishes.
  9. What? No rude comments about electric personalities. Sorry, but the problem is fairly rare out here on the wet coast of Canada, with our usual damp weather.
  10. Oh good. A mini Herc. Will JT get the demo model for his desk or the kids' playroom?
  11. Seaking replacement - part 2 The story starts with, "We hate the F-35 Because the Conservatives liked it. Let's cancel that, dick around with "negotiations" with Boeing and pay their price, hold another "competition" and delay things until after the next election and then pick something that offers the most industrial offsets for la belle province." Do I sound cynical? Sign me disappointed.
  12. You might try painting a clear decal sheet in the appropriate colour, then cutting to shape and applying. Just a thought. Cheer.
  13. Can anyone advise me as to whether the new RCAF stretched c-130j shows any amount of dihedral or even anhedral while on the ground? I 'd like to know before gluing Or hacking away at the kit. Many thanks, Brian
  14. It seems nothing has really changed in more than 100 years. ☹️ Tommy, bloody Tommy Chuck the barstard out But 'es the 'ero of 'is country When the guns begin to shout Attributed to Rudyard Kipling
  15. Thank You, gentlemen for the sources & information
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