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  1. They fit in the Heller'UB No problems for me... Cheers Seb
  2. Hi, You can look at PJ Production's russian pilots... I have bought some of them, and i am not disapointed... Cheers Seb
  3. Unfortunatly, they don't existe for 72 scale...i am a big NAWC planes fan too, and i have made this model last year, with TA-7C decals :http://fighters.forumactif.com/t74080-f-14d-tomcat-model-graphix-1-72eme?highlight=graphix Good luck, and may be, one day, we will have some decals to make these colorfull planes... Cheers Seb
  4. The dio is finished : Thanks for reading.... Cheers Seb :wink:
  5. Hi everybody, This is my last model, almost done... I must place it on a diorama with vehicules and figures... I paint only with handbrushes, with Lifecolor...I have used Eduard PE, Aires cockpit and resine wheels... The real beast : And my interpretation : Thanks a lot for reading... Cheers Sebastien
  6. Hi everybody, This is my last model, finished yesterday... I's the kit from Hasegawa, very easy to build, but with a big "mistake" in the air intakes : there are empty...nothing...nada...rien. Some "scratch" have been necessary to make to correct that. ECS exhaust comes from Res-IM, seats are Pavla's one and decals have been made by Authentic Decals...Some Eduard PE have been used into the cockpit... Some pics : Thanks for reading... Cheers Seb
  7. - and F-14D Modéle Graphix : Next one will be a liner, from Zvezda...the first one for me... Thanks for reading. Cheers Seb
  8. Hi everybody, These are the three dioramas that i have finished today... Some pics : - F-18B Académy : - F-18C Académy :
  9. Some more pics : We see very well that panels aren't as thin as they must be, but it's hard to scratch new ones because they have structures above and under... Cheers Seb
  10. Hi everybody, This is the new Tomcat model : a great kit, well detailled but a little bit expensive. A lot of panels can be opened, and it's a very good idea.. Cheers... Seb
  11. Oooooh, i am very sorry... I have tought that Jim wanted to sell these decals, not to buy....Thanks Ken... I am looking for the same VFDecals's sheet (ref 72002) for ModelGraphix's F-14, and it's so hard to find (may be impossible?)... Sorry again... Cheers Seb
  12. Hi, I am interested in the "VF Decals 72-002 VX-9 & VX-30"'s sheet. Can you tell me what kind of plane can i make completly with your decal... i want to make principaly the VX-9 low vis f-14D.... And can you tell me your price : i live in France... Thanks a lot... Cheers Seb
  13. Fantastic diorama.... Congratulations... Seb
  14. Yeah...a great heaven...!!! :lol: :lol: and two sheets used to complete this model.... :unsure: Seb
  15. Thanks... Mee too : i have already made one Hornet with the 2007'decoration (Academy again : http://www.modelkit72.com/?gallery=fa-18c-golden-dragons); and i have found the fabulous A-7E's golden dragons from the 70's : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Print-Scale-Decals-1-72-L-T-V-A-7-CORSAIR-II-U-S-Navy-Fighter-Part-2-/381352455782?hash=item58ca60ae66..... with an Hobby Boss A-7E, it will be nice... Always love Golden Dragons's jets... Seb
  16. Thanks a lot for your comments.... For the intake covers, i have printed the VFA-192's pics on a decal white sheet. I have reduced these pics with Paint and make a miror effect to have two different draws (one for each intake covers). Cheers... Seb
  17. Hi, This is my last finished model... It's Academy kit, with some Eduard PE... The real one : And my model : Thanks a lot... Cheers Seb
  18. Very great job, Thadeus... Clean build and beautiful paint... The Flanker is a fantastic plane...one of my favorite...amazing steal bird.. Seb
  19. Thanks a lot Thadeus... I have modified the kit tails : it's easy to do, even if i have the "A" version on my desk (Blue Angel 's "A")... I think that using PE in cockpits is very simple, a little bit expensive, but fantastic... Thanks again... Seb
  20. Hi everybody, This is a "B" version, made from the Académy's great "D" version... Décals are Rough Raiders's Two Bobs...Very good quality... Some add-ons have been used : Aires's exhaust and electronic bays, Wolfpack Design's flaps (not a top level add-on in my opinion..it's better to buid home made flaps from the kit, and less expensive...) I have used Lifecolor paints, with pencil and Pébéo varnish. Some pics : Thanks for your reading... Cheers... Seb
  21. Hi everybody, I am building the "B" version of a legacy Hornet, the smashing Academy 's one (scale 72, of course). I want to open some doors on evry side of this plane : i have bought Aires's add-on to show electronic bays but i want to build the interior of the ammunition bay, in front of the cockpit, on the left side... But i have seen no pics of this bay...In the Daco's book "uncovering F/A-18 hornet, we can see three different type of interior : one for the canadian version, one with ammunition's reload material, and one completly empty (no gun aboard?)...Is it right? What is the good version for a "B" Hornet (for the VFA-125 with blue camo) ? Thanks a lot...and sorry for my poor english... Cheers Seb
  22. Thanks guys....it's always a pleasure to see ARCer's fantastic work, and to share our passion with other builders... Happy new year... Seb
  23. The others dios ... The next one will a "CR" version, with desert camo, seen during the retirement ceremony of this fabulous plane, in July... Thanks for your reading... Cheers and happy new year... Seb
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