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  1. that stuff was totally awesome!!! thanks for sharing!! Ron
  2. very nice, thank you! Ron
  3. very nice pics!!! LOL liked the big boobs too! thanks~ Ron
  4. you have to be kidding???? did you even think about all the suicides they would have done? we would have lost 800,000 men! The country is made of wood, thermo bombs caused more casulties? such as Dresden??? Please think before you talk here in the US!! those are Dads!!!! Ron
  5. wow great pics thanks for sharing! never seen that before!! Ron
  6. oh I am sorry I thoight you left a link to a real object???? Thats what I get!! Ron
  7. the other site is crap!!! wants password?????? Ron
  8. wow!!! Lot of incredible stuff looks like I need to build another one of these! please keep the pics comming!!! Ron
  9. those aircraft where really different, and then civil vers! great pics thanks~ Ron
  10. very nice!! thanks for sharing! Ron
  11. great!!! thanks for sharing!!! Ron
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