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  1. "Temporary Reprieve" is now available in a limited edition of 94 Canvas Giclees. The artwork image measures 16 x 32 inches. You may place your order here ~ http://www.wademeyersart.com/id83.html Cheers! Wade
  2. Hi guys - FYI ~ I am now accepting PRE-ORDERS for my upcoming Canvas Giclee of "Temporary Reprieve". The Giclee image area will be 32 x 16 inches. The s/n edition will be limited to 94 prints. Pre-publication price of only $125.00 (+ $6.00 USA or $15.00 other shipping) good through 9/20/09. Payments accepted immediately via PayPal (to: chicoartist@yahoo.com) or check or MO to the address below - Wade Meyers 5418 Colony Way Hoover, AL 35226
  3. Hi fellas, I'm currently "in discussions" with a printer I used for Mustangs at Dawn to see if we can go ahead with a run of Mission from Debden canvas giclees. I'm looking at a small edition of 36 (for the 336th Fighter Squadron) on canvas only. I'm not sure about the price since we haven't yet worked out a per-unit cost, but they should be priced similarly to others out there. If you think you'd be interested in reserving one or more, email me at chicoartistXyahoo.com (put an @ in place of the red X) to secure a copy. When I'm sure about the cost, I'll then email you with a quote and co
  4. Get it here - http://wademeyersart.tripod.com/id69.html - or in my eBay Store, "Wade Meyers Studios". Cheers! Wade
  5. The fuselage and tail group are complete - wings next! :) Wade
  6. Hi Bill - Yes, the last post is all 'big' canvas - the pilot figure is roughly the size of your pinky nail. Everything you see on the closeup of the nose is all freehand. If you mess up a line, you just come back with the other color to clean up the edge if necessary. The only time I will use some kind of 'straightedge' is at the very, very last when I'm adding any aerials (if applicable). Then, I'll lay down a straightedge along the path of the aerial and drag a THIN mix of paint along that edge with a fine rigger brush. One pass is all that's necessary - even if every linear inch is no
  7. Hi fellas - a quick update on this project: Just added the pilot yesterday. After the paint sets up, I'll come back in and glaze some darks and light touches to show some sunlight falling across him. Hard to do wet-in-wet - For comparison's sake, the final outline drawing before transfer to canvas - Two 353rd FG Mustangs, Mascara Maggie and Beautiful Dope, ride herd on this wounded Fort over the North Sea - Wade
  8. Thx! I started out a long time ago doing pencil work only, but when I decided that I'd like to try to make a living at this game I began the long, hard road to understanding color. I'm still learning! My first few years were acrylics only, but *I* found that as my personal style developed that the longer drying time of oils were much better suited to my techniques. That being said, in capable hands you can achieve beautiful results with acrylics. Many professionals in all genres of art use acrylics exclusively. In aviation art, well-known artist Mark Postlethwaite does all, or almost all
  9. Hi guys, Hopscotching around a couple of projects, I put the final glazes on this one this morning. I didn't intend to get too detailed with this small oil study, but the little sucker (the B-17 is 7.25" long from tip of the nose perspex to the tail guns) just looked so cool that I made sure to hint at everything, if not actually rendered. I'll be working on the final 20 x 40 inch canvas soon as I get a long-neglected B-25 piece finished. I think the client has hit men looking for me ... I've included the final pencil study next to the painting for comparison's sake. I stuck pretty m
  10. Hi guys, I got the idea to start an aviation art 'blog' as a sideline to my main site from a fellow artist, and I think it's a great way to post WIPs and other news concerning my art and our DVDs, etc. Geez, as many of you guys already know, my site is 'cluttered' enough as it is ... this will be the perfect place for current and future WIPs for sure. Have a look at: http://wademeyersart.blogspot.com Cheers! Wade
  11. As the saying goes, "Do not let slow progress dampen your enthusiasm!" Recent hours spent assembling and completing documents and forms for our annual report to the Imperial Federal Gov't meant slow progress of late. As a reminder, the canvas is 19 x 42": Wade
  12. Hi guys, I finally finished the main aircraft ... lots of details, but now that it's done the rest of the elements, while detailed also, should go much faster now that my brushes are warmed up. Can I quit now ... ? :cry: :huh: :lol: :huh: A little recap for you of the painting of this plane: Wade
  13. Thanks, fellas ... I'll be submitting this piece for consideration for the upcoming ASAA juried exhibition in Seattle, along with three other works of mine. Hope at least ONE of them gets in since I'll be attending the June Forum. For more info on that, see: http://www.asaa-avart.org. Oops ... my time to work expires in 40 minutes ... best get back to it! Wade
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