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  1. Would anyone know if Muroc Models is still around? Sent David an email 4 days ago...........
  2. Would you guys happen to know if he did anything for the 1/72 Academy legacy Hornet kits? The 2 items I have are a pair of 1/72 NACES (SJU-17) seats and a pair of 1/72 corrected radomes for the Hasegawa F/A-18A/B/C/D kits. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, guys. It looks like he isn't going to reply to his PM or direct email which is on his product packaging.
  4. Would someone know if Modern Hobbies in Waterloo, Ontario, is still around/in business? I came across this old thread - see below. His website and FB pages no longer work. I did send Greg a PM through this site but no reply as of yet. I picked up an Academy 1/72 F/A-18A kit (12419) with a load of aftermarket including a pair of his SJU-17 seats and a pair of corrected noses (radomes) for the Hasegawa F/A-18 kits. Thanks.
  5. Well, if there is no revenue from sponsors, both private and business and he can't do it on his own, then I guess the time has come. But Steve's lack of response is a pretty good barometer of what is going to happen. In all honesty, no one is too busy for a brief email to reply to concerned requests. If one has time for breakfast, a cup of coffee, go to the bathroom..........then there is time for a short, polite response. Just my opinion.
  6. I have the 1/48 C & H conversion and no use for it as my Century Series kits are long gone. It's in the original box in perfect shape. I paid $50.00 Cdn for it years ago and will take the exact same for it now. I don't know where you are so I can't quote you on postage from Canada. I will take PayPal. If you are interested just PM me. If you would like to see any pictures of it first, just say the word.
  7. I just tried the CFT's in the Kinetic F-16I Sufa boxing and they certainly seem to fit the Tamiya quite nicely. Having said that I did not pay attention to any issues regarding dimensions (if they sat on the kit exactly in the right spot). I can't compare them to my Attack Squadron sets as they are buried somewhere.
  8. Hi Aerofan,


            I'm scanning these pages for you as I type this. If you want to contact me directly at tcalbury@telus.net I will send them to you.





    1. aerofan




      Thank you for scanning those pages. I was able to print out the missing pages & insert them into the two Canadian Profile Library books so others can enjoy a full copy of the books.




  9. VF-111 F-8D's showing location of tail code and modex when they used NH. Location did vary.
  10. A CAG bird typically had Modex "00" on the nose. VF-111 did carry the squadron letters and modex on the right wing of their F-8D's, but not sure about the other models they flew. Of note, which I forgot to mention in my post above, is that the right hand wing of 147925 appears to have been touched up in the area where the letters and numbers could have appeared. Or am I just seeing things? Both of the aircraft in my post are F-8H's (remanufactured D's) as they have the Bullpup avionics hump. So, did the markings on the upper right wing get painted over during upgrade or some other time? Pure
  11. Scott, I have 2 or 3 pictures of 148684, but they are all from the side and, therefore, of no help. In cases like this where you can't come up with the definitive photo, what you are ultimately left with is finding pictures of its squadron contemporaries during the same time-frame and having the same markings-"AJ" being the 5th and final tail markings for VF-111.
  12. Got my sets yesterday and they are gorgeous.
  13. The Snowbirds apparently fly their CT-114's trimmed nose down during display's.
  14. Moving and getting rid of some stuff that will never be built. I have a 1987 Monogram Young Astronauts Mercury Capsule and Atlas Booster for sale. The box is open and has wear. Both bags of parts are sealed (no punctures) with some loose parts floating around. It does have the poster with some wear on the folded edges. Decals look to be in great shape and are in a zip-lock bag. $10 Cdn for the kit plus postage from Calgary. Pictures if you require them. Tom
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