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  1. Thanx again..! Oh...it´s 16,25mm in diameter.. Well, here´s another picture for size comparison, made while construction: This one (also from the construction phase) shows the scratchbuilt nose details in close up: :wacko:
  2. Thanx a lot for all the positive feedback - I´m glad to see that you like it... :D I hope, it is common to show completed models here - or was it placed wrong in this area of the forum? :huh: Greetz from germany!
  3. The ladder was cobbled together from stretched sprue, using PS material (cream cheese cover) for stages and silver paper (cigarette) for the grooved surfaces ... Shame on me: The railing is broken, I did not notice when taking pictures .. There is only a single nose wheel left, the axis rests on a wooden plank on the right side.. btw: It is actually a wooden plank, because it is a piece from a matchstick ;) The (completely rusted) tiny ladder, parked on engine #2, was also done entirely from stretched sprue and PS - the obligatory dime clarifies it´s size... :blink: Once again a rear view - the pictures were taken with the model on the folded roof window ... not quite safe, but luckily everything went well... B) Hope you like it - thanx for looking! :D
  4. Some views from on high - the barren landscape was created by chinchilla sand and clumps of cut plumbers hemp .. Some details from the vicinity - an extensive engine along with it´s nacelle cover... The extreme weathering of the 'walkways' was found on this picture.. Scruffy warning signs, unreadable, only rust ... The engine was created from all sorts of 'stuff' out of the "box of residues"... Here´s as it looked 'under construction':
  5. Hallo Guys, it´s a long time since my last posting here on ARC - today I´d like to show you my latest work - it´s a Convair CV 880M... The molds are from the very old Hawk-Kit, I think it´s first released in 1960..?! The used kit is a re-release from Glencoe out from 1991, it´s 'boxscale' 1:126... The inspiration for this model was primarily the CV 880 (N807AJ), which was parked along with it´s sister ship at Atlantic City Airport - photos can be found here. I immediately wanted to build the model as heavy weathered as the ones at ACY, mixed with the empty engine pods (how appropriate for this kit - there´s no fanblades!) I discovered on another CV 880 at Mojave, the damaged nose gear and a bit of the unpainted fuselage and fin (starboard side). Since the model works best in 'natural environment', at first a few photos under blue skies and sunshine.. While the whole wingtip is missing on the left wing, the right wing lacks only the transparent cover of the position light - loose wires hanging out... The extended flaps are completely made from scratch..
  6. Thanx a lot, guys! Well, I´m searching for the Decals from the original Matchbox-kit of this one (British Airways/Air Canada old liverie) - or the complete kit?! Anyone out there, who can help?
  7. Hi Jay, Yes, it´s that old Heller-Kit (or better the new Revell Re-release of it) with the raised details and much oversized windows... I sanded it down completely, ´cause I think the overall shape of the kit is good.. I´m still working on the correction of the useless engines. Thank´s again!
  8. ...thanx a lot! Is it...so good? ...so bad? ...or just so boring?
  9. I removed the engine-outlets from the kit because they looked messy. I built new ones from 1/48 Sidewinder-Missile heads... :P The silver leading-edges of the engines were hand-painted by the good old brush... :blink: Last picture, again in comparison to a colour-tin... Finally, I would like to apologize again for my non perfect english?! Hope You´ll Like It - Happy modeling! :D Greetz from Germany
  10. Hallo again B) after the little "JAL"-747 I just finished another "Bonsai-Jumbo", this time in 1/390 scale (Revell/Matchbox). It´s a 747-133 from Air Canada > *KLICK* The assembly was more or less smoothly, although I've made some corrections of shape in the front area. Furthermore, the engine inlets were a bit "rounded" because they are oval as from the kit - another necessary change was the removal of the small satellite antenna fairing just behind the fuselage hump ... So, let´s start up with direct size comparison - it is ... small! :D Since the cockpit decal from the kit is too big, I've used the decal from a 1/450 scale kit - it works but in my opinion it´s still a little too big...?! The whole model is sealed with a floor-wax called "W5" - it´s something like "Future".. Revell delivers a complete decal for the tail but unfortunately it´s printed in dark blue so the tail has to be painted (green, Humbrol 3) - the worst part of it was to cut out the Maple Leafs from the decalsheet. At the given size of the little corners and jags this was very demanding...but I did it! The painting of the really small (!) wheels was also very...well, let´s call it interesting! In addition, all landing gear doors from the kit are much too thick and were replaced by using thin plastic material - the nose gear was extended a little, otherwise the little Jumbo would have taken a stance like for a the catapult launch ... ;)
  11. ...thanx a lot, guys! :D I´ve got some more of those little beauties in progress... B747-133, 1/390 scale (Revell/Matchbox) - with a little nose shape correction and the window decal from a 1/450 scale kit.. That window decal is much too big for the "450" and I think it´s still a little too big on this one?!. I painted the tailfin green and cut out the maple leafs from the wrong (blue) coloured decal - ´cause of it´s size that was really fun! ...and the 1/450 scale kit itself: B747-206 (Revell/Heller) - working on this one includes the rebuild of the useless engines in this kit.. ;)
  12. A picture of the underside, out of the construction phase And along with my morning coffee.. :) (The lettering means "Same Sh*t Every Morning") Another left/right view.. In conclusion, two other "can photos," first with the tin in the background ... And as a "billboard" - because it beautifully illustrates the height of the model.. It remains to mention that this old Otaki kit was absolutely gorgeous to build - all parts fit together properly. The little "Bonsai-Jumbo" was built primarily as a background object for later (1/144er-) airliner photos. Finally, I apologize for my bad english?! Hope You Like It - Happy modeling! :D Greetz from Germany
  13. Hi guys, I like to show you my latest model, it´s a Boeing 747SR-46 of Japan Air Lines as it was in service about the mid 80s. The "SR" refers to a short-range variant version of the 747 combined with expanded seat capacity, thus usually this planes were in service just between japanese cities - less "rush hour"... B) First, even a size comparison - do not forget: The model is in scale 1 / 350 ...! :blink: Despite the high age of the kit itself the supplied decals worked very well - all panellines were highlighted by graphite powder.. Unfortunately, there is a small mistake in the decals: The characters "Japan Air Lines" as well as "JAL"(on the wings) should be diagonal - I even noticed that after the completion.. You may see the fine emphasis by graphite powder here on the wings surface .. "JA8117" again, this time from a greater height. There´s a little repair by red paint on the nose, but I think that´s only noticable on a closer look..
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