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  1. Anyone has info about the type of LERX for the TF-18A #1 as depicted on the decal sheet ? I’m quite confident about a series version for the wing (no dogtooth, large span ailerons) but I wonder if the LERX would still be in prototype configuration with the slot. TIA
  2. Thanks for posting the Dana Bell JAWS pages, most valuable Intel! BTW the detail photos of the tails show how crudely the tail codes and serial numbers were painted. Could decals be printed so as to match this appearance?
  3. Can’t find a decent photo of YA-10A in this scheme:
  4. Any chance of getting VFP-206 schemes? Early: My all-time favourite: And a lo-viz of course
  5. Hi Jens, glad you like my build. The intake pic was captured on the web years ago et and unfortunately I lost the link. Anyway I never came accross the same detailed picture for the F-16/79 intake. Still searching...
  6. Hi Kursad, Any hope to see a TPS low-viz VFP-206 jet on that sheet ? Would be most appreciated !
  7. Hi, thank you for showing my AFTI/F-16 build here on ARC. I indeed used some of the Caracal Early F-16 sheet markings on this one. KursadA, your decals took ages to reach me in the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, but I am really thankful to you. Hope you like the finished model! PA « Arrowhead » Lambert from France
  8. Hello, Good news indeed ! Any chances to see that sheet in 1:32 as well ? TIA
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