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  1. How about an USAF/ANG F-84F collection with plenty of colorful liveries? Time to seriously retire those Super/Microscale old timers.
  2. Beware, Kinetic has just issued a special boxing of their Gold Series F-16C with these markings… https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48107
  3. I have ordered Cat4 products several times in the latest months, either from eBay or through Plastic Models Store in Kiev, and they always arrived safe and sound in due course. When there is no other game in town I believe it is worth the bucks and wait. Remember, the « F-16 Early Years » sheet that Kursad graced us with some years ago was among the fastest-selling ever, while there is absolutely no F-16/79 or AFTI conversion on the market and hardly any good YF-16 kit around. Same applies to the « A-10 Early Years ». No prototype kit available, no conversion, very diff
  4. With Cat4 from Ukraine now relasing a complete series of backdate sets for the Hase F-8E, how about an « Early Years / Test Crusaders » sheet? Could include - XF8U-1 prototype - DF-8A - Early test aircraft - Early ops birds - VMF-321 F-8K (most beautiful Crusader livery ever 😉 - NASA DFBW NF-8 … just to name a few.
  5. Did you check it against Insignia Blue FS 15044 ? Looks pretty close.
  6. Gotta love those late F-4Ns ! Any shots of VF-21 / VF-154 low-viz birds from last cruise off CORAL SEA ?
  7. Fantastic! I have my HobbyBoss A-6E scheme, I think. Nothing that can’t be done with a good laser printer. Interestingly the weapons officier name on the right side of 505 reads MAJ C PENNEY while Major is not a Navy rank. Some exchange Marines or USAF fellow?
  8. WoW! What a series! That all-grey Blue Blasters KA-6D (149937) with tan nose and black subdued markings was truely unknown to me. It is reminiscent of the markings adopted on some VF-14 F-14As also off JFK at the same period. Did some VA-34 A-6Es wear the same scheme as well?
  9. Nice pic! Only FSDs had the STENCEL seat. The YF-16s had an ESCAPAC. My take on the 1:48 YF-16 is underway : https://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=126221&sid=3abe3f5b4994f64c5fcb97a5acfb1690 (in Molière’s tongue, sorry for that). Caracal decals at the end of the journey, of course. Stay tuned!
  10. How about an Air America sheet covering several types of fixed/rotary wings and scales? Pilatus AU-23 Bell 205 Beech C-45 Fairchild C-123 Curtiss C-46 Douglas C-47 Helo Courier Sirkorsky UH-34 DHC Twin Otter Lockheed C-130
  11. Ok so that’s one down and two still running loose. If my bookkeeping is right.
  12. Baby seal, anyone ? …. Now that I got the ref…;-)
  13. Well… I naively thought informing about the existence under another manufacturer of a reference to a subject discussed here, provided it is well researched and quality printed, would save time and effort to some. Nonexistent or long sold-out subjects are abondant enough, I guess, but that’s only me. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Sorry guys, I don’t get the « baby seal/otter/hedgehog/opossum/you-name-it » private joke you seem to make such a fun of, here and on other posts as well. Please explain.
  15. Microscale already has that FBW YF-4E livery on AC48-0021 and it is both quite well printed and available on their site.
  16. Great news! You’ve got me in for two sets!
  17. Do you intend to also derive an « early » variant of the F-104A conversion with the downard firing seat and the very different canopy de-fogging pipes? Badly needed!
  18. 50 years of F-16 in 2024: a good opportunity to re-issue this one?
  19. Yipeeeeee ! Dream come true. I bet this one will sell out like wooooosh.
  20. Kursad, Any update about the release of that one ?
  21. Great news, Kursad! Really looking forward to it. Beware, the Phoenix System logo on the F-111B was larger and somewhat different from the one used on the F-14. The Ginter book cannot be found unless you trade it for a lung and a kidney, I‘m afraid.
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