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  1. 3 hours ago, MarcB said:

    I would be the first to purchase such a sheet, but would devoting time and money on a project based on a difficult-to-obtain (that country has serious problems at the moment + CAT4 sets are not widely available) and/or expensive (postage/customs fees) set be a sound business decision for Caracal ?




    I have ordered Cat4 products several times in the latest months, either from eBay or through Plastic Models Store in Kiev, and they always arrived safe and sound in due course. When there is no other game in town I believe it is worth the bucks and wait.


    Remember, the « F-16 Early Years » sheet that Kursad graced us with some years ago was among the fastest-selling ever, while there is absolutely no F-16/79 or AFTI conversion on the market and hardly any good YF-16 kit around.


    Same applies to the « A-10 Early Years ». No prototype kit available, no conversion, very difficult kitbash from scratch.


    Regarding decals, I do not consider Cat4 as a real contender to Caracal’s quality in design and print. I have secured the F-111B sheet but I’d still be the first customer for a Caracal offering.

  2. With Cat4 from Ukraine now relasing a complete series of backdate sets for the Hase F-8E, how about an « Early Years / Test Crusaders » sheet?

    Could include

    - XF8U-1 prototype 


    - DF-8A


    - Early test aircraft 

    - Early ops birds


    - VMF-321 F-8K (most beautiful Crusader livery ever 😉

    - NASA DFBW NF-8

    image.thumb.jpeg.4b12c3b63d49ce7d86cb02eec3ef3e4f.jpeg… just to name a few.


  3. 5 hours ago, BWDenver said:

    It would appear at least one A-6E VA-34 was in the interim scheme of grey with a tan radome.  And another KA-6D.  What I find fascinating is the EA-6A, EA-6B and KA-6D have aircraft model stenciled in tiny lettering on the back.  But the A-6E lacks the model stenciling. 


    Like you need someone to tell you yours're crawling into an EA-6A???  Maybe if another A-6/EA-6A/B/KA6D sheet comes out....










    Fantastic! I have my HobbyBoss A-6E scheme, I think. Nothing that can’t be done with a good laser printer.

    Interestingly the weapons officier name on the right side of 505 reads MAJ C PENNEY while Major is not a Navy rank. Some exchange Marines or USAF fellow?


  4. WoW! What a series! 
    That all-grey Blue Blasters KA-6D (149937) with tan nose and black subdued markings was truely unknown to me. It is reminiscent of the markings adopted on some VF-14 F-14As also off JFK at the same period. Did some VA-34 A-6Es wear the same scheme as well?

  5. 10 hours ago, BWDenver said:



    How about an Air America sheet covering several types of fixed/rotary wings and scales?

    Pilatus AU-23

    Bell 205

    Beech C-45

    Fairchild C-123

    Curtiss C-46

    Douglas C-47

    Helo Courier

    Sirkorsky UH-34

    DHC Twin Otter

    Lockheed C-130








  6. Well… I naively thought informing about the existence under another manufacturer of a reference to a subject discussed here, provided it is well researched and quality printed, would save time and effort to some.
    Nonexistent or long sold-out subjects are abondant enough, I guess, but that’s only me.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. On 1/29/2024 at 2:05 PM, ZippoTheZipdrive said:
    Then phinished as a flybywire testbed with canards.
    Kursad is it pheasable to phoreshadow a phunctioning phantastic 62-12200 Phantom ?

    Microscale already has that FBW YF-4E livery on AC48-0021 and it is both quite well printed and available on their site.


  8. 18 hours ago, JeffreyK said:

    Already developed and tested and nearly ready to go. Comprises of C-1 seat (with belts, netting and hoses), aft cockpit bulkhead and rails, turtledeck front face, aft canopy support brace, early control stick/grip and a completely new de-mister tubing part. Plus all the other parts from my A (late) set.

    The new de-mister tubing made it necessary to develop a new canopy as two of the large mounting recesses in the kit canopy would be unused and look very ugly. This has delayed the set considerably. I now have a first batch of clear cast canopies on the way to me so hopefully I can release the set by March.

    More resin sets related to this fantastic decal sheet are in development as well 🙂


    Great news! You’ve got me in for two sets!

  9. Great news, Kursad! Really looking  forward to it.
    Beware, the Phoenix System logo on the F-111B was larger and somewhat different from the one used on the F-14.

    The Ginter book cannot be found unless you trade it for a lung and a kidney, I‘m afraid.

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