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  1. Thank you Thats fantastic. I have put the Wessexes on hold temporarily.
  2. Post title says it all sorry for excluding anyone outside Europe but postage is too expensive. Willing to pay postage or collect if you are attending Nationals in Telford this year. Name your price.
  3. If its anything like their Bristol Britannia... DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF...
  4. Building three of Revell's Wessex HAS.3 kits in 1/48, one of which I want to back-date to a HAS.1. I have spent this evening going through every picture of the Westland Wessex I can find on Google, the only external difference I can find is... I would have to remove the small triangular fairing off the nose above the 'beak', leave off the 'beak', hump, and radome, and adjust the exhaust positioning... Is there anything I have missed?
  5. Building one here and have been for nearly 4 yars!!!
  6. I have th Monogram/Revell 1/48 SU-25, and whilst researching thproject I have a bit of question. Depending on the photo angle the base color for the forward fuselage looks yellow or even golden brown, yet the instructions state light tan (Testors 1170 which to me looks more of a fleshtone. Any Ideas anyone? Not looking for exact FS numbers just a rough idea as I just want a nice quick build (for once).
  7. As the description says when did the great war of 1914 to 1918 become world war one 1 and when did the conflict of 1939-45 become world war 2?
  8. Just going back to the silver vs nmf MiG debate, were the Chinese 21 clones painted in a similar fashion to the silver over metallic yellow primer method?
  9. Given that mine will be carrying HARM missiles, should i maybe tint the canopy a la EA-6B, and if so how.
  10. Well thanks go out to everyone as my Merlin FGR.2 has begun. I am building it in wraparound green/grey with an asymmetric wild weasel layout. A generic LGB, 2 AGM-88 1 AIM-9J Skyshadow ECM pod and a fuel tank
  11. Saw that just after I started this thread and I have to say it looks Fantastic!
  12. With the demise of the TSR.2 the British Government planned on buying the F-111, I am planning a What-if of an EF-111 in RAF Service. Here in lies a few questions with regards to this idea... Serials? Camouflage? (See Poll) Weapons Load? (if any)
  13. Hi Finished this evening, after nearly a year on and off. Let me know what you think?
  14. Oops ha ha well i am visually impaired. Sorry I understand how annoying that is. Kicks himself repeatedly. Thanks they were perfect. :-)
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