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  1. hello i"m looking for an illustrated stencil guide clearly written with images and where to place them on the aircraft fuselage and wings to copy the stencils . cheers
  2. i see a notice saying articles desperatly needed in red and i sent mine on the 6 of March and still it doesnt appear!!!
  3. i uploaded one aircraft 2 weecks ago without using the template and still it hasnt appeared,is this the reason?
  4. hi, i would like to display my Fujimi 1/24 scale Ford Gt 40 and i see we only have aircraft and armour galleries.Do we have a auto gallerie and if not which do you recommend.
  5. the typhoon took off from sometimes wet or damp fields, flew over the channel and back.What would the correct panel oulining be for top and bottom?i checked images on the net from the era but most are black and white and you cant see much.
  6. i submitted my first work 4 days ago and would like to know how long does it usually take till the files are uploaded for public display then to the gallery.
  7. I fully agree with your analysis.As a matter of fact i do notice the porous hairs settling on the primed surface every time I prime but do nothing about it and they look the same sticking out of the paint surface in this case.Its interesting to note that I had this problem only with a metal pigment formulation.Valejo is again another case,their formulations are extremely slow to dry and if not primed will chip very easilyâ€.I should have given the model a second coat of paint.I did not have this problem with gunze super silver "solvent based" on another model. The next bare metal model will be airbrushed with alclad not even radio active material can get out.,and it looks even better with time.I will try to take a pic today with my I am a spammer, please report this post. L20 but im not sure its good enough to show the defect.Then I will try posting,,I’ve never done that before hope its not complicated.
  8. The primer was diluted with gunze dark blue label which must be solvent based “light blue for aqueous”,I have used revel dark blue label as well and it dilutes fine for airbrush use.The valejo paint is diluted with their own I am sure alcohol based since nothing else works except their own or alcohol 96% for airbrush use.It is interesting to note that only this model I have was airbrushed with a valejo paint and the only one to to now have this deterioration on the surface of the 2 wings upper side only.All my other models were sprayed with gunze aqueous diluted with their own diluent”light blue label” which must be alcohol and water based or model master enamel diluted with turpentine after being primed or not and don’t show this problem.I also have a primed aircraft airbrushed with gunze solvent based super silver diluted in turpentine and doesn’t show this defect,,all built many months ago.all my models when primed "not all are primed" were done so using only gunze super white 1000.I also have an aircraft airbrushed with valejo but not primed from May last year and it looks perfect.
  9. the gunze primer was diluted with their diluent "110" dark blue label.rested for 24 hrs then applied the valejo using their dedicated diluent.Nothing else was applied after that.i would not say my application of the primer was a thick coat.
  10. i applied valejo aluminium on gunze white 1000 primer 6 months ago and it looked very nice .six months on i noticed the shine has gone ,the finish has gone flat and there are small hairs appearing like a carpet.what is causing this?
  11. hello, looking for avenger 1/48 scale stencils .
  12. thats the guidance i needed,i had a feeling it was grey.I'm still far from ready for posting.While on the subject i am thinking of using acrylics and water only by that i mean artist paints.they dont stain and damage and you can correct or remove without leaving any trace..I might flatten before if it doesnt hold.
  13. in this case its a RAF avenger aboard HMS queen and the colors are white fuselage,black"night" cowling,OD and dark sea grey wings over white again.whats your recommendation? i want to wash the rivets and panel lines only.
  14. which is the correct color wash to use for a TBM in the atlantic? grey ? burnt umber ?........
  15. so what is the equivalent of Gator Glue on the european continent?
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