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  1. I'm working on MiG-29 Bort 44 from the 773 IAP back when it was based in Damgarten (that two-tone green scheme) and I've had good luck on the tops and sides, but I can't find anything for the bottom? The Begemot sheet says the pattern is applied to the bottom of the aircraft, but doesn't actually show the bottom scheme. Does anyone have references to that? Thank you!
  2. Has anyone tried DNModel's 1/72 F-35B RAM panel paint masks (designed for the Hasegawa kit) on the Fujimi kit? Alternatively, used aftermarket RAM panel decals for the F-35A on the Fujimi kit (most likely a combination of cannibalizing the decals for the common panels and masking/painting the rest). Feedback/suggestions much appreciated. Ta!
  3. Hi Kursad, I know you're working really hard on this sheet, but I was wondering if any current Minot H-birds are in the works.
  4. If anyone has the ICM MiG-29 #72142 in the Russian Swifts boxing, I'd be interested (preferably in CONUS).
  5. Went out of the country for a few weeks. Got to put a little in here and there though. Got the silver on a day or two before my flight, and last night I did a marathon session getting the fluorescent red and black paint on: I thought I took some more in-progress shots, but I can't find them :( Future goes on tonight.
  6. I'm working on it, I'm working on it!!! Something simple to get me back in the groove: Though not as simple as I thought. The wing fit is a bit fiddly.
  7. And it's done. I'll need to replace that cutting mat eventually, it's got some glue spots and part of the laminate of my old modeling bench stuck underneath. Hard to make decent cuts with it. The three boxes across are the ones I really want to get done, so those are my focus. Thanks for your encouragement guys!
  8. Haha no, for some reason the guys we bought the house from built this tacky dry bar in the basement. I do my modeling here since the socializing is done upstairs. Ah no, I'm happily married. She puts up with this hobby, my other hobbies, my nerdiness and other such shenanigans. Anyway, I'm here to report my progress to you guys. Partly built models have been put in their open boxes along with all sprues and shelved behind me (the in-progress shelf). I'm doing this one surface at a time, divided into four surfaces. The main work area is now cleared of stuff, now to wipe stuff down. More
  9. Then there's the stuff that's off the frame :P For accountability, I'm going to start cleaning up and post pics of progress. Only when it's cleaned up and organized would I start building again.
  10. Hi Steathman, I might still have a bottle lying about that I don't use anymore. Let me check when I get home tonight and I'll let you know.
  11. Somebody help motivate me to clean this up! I can't work in this mess :crying2:/> And I know some of you guys are just as bad.
  12. Hey Singaporeans, Does anyone know if there's any one LHS in Singapore that carries a wide range of HPM kits? I'm trying to get my hands on the 1/72 Mirage IIIO kit and I was going to have my brother pick one up for me.
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