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  1. Hya guys are there any uk model builders who build kits for people could you email please
  2. Here’s my pro built ufo moon base with launch pad and fully lighted leds with moving parts only 750 cash on collection Stockport contact Mike
  3. Hello sir , I live in Stockport but I’m disabled so I don’t do much driving do u have website can u email me please
  4. Hya guys im after an experienced sci fi modeller who can build and paint this into a studio prop with diorama I also want the ship fully lit with pulsating engines and copit panels lit I’d like a weathered look ship and six seats in cabin who ever does it will need to study the spindrift I’ve also got the crew to enhance diorama would also like the grab hook altering to match original at the front hope u guys can help , mike
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