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  1. How about shrinking your HU-16 sheet to 72nd and while your at it start developing some HU-16E markings since the first kit is just a special addition for Sova-M and I feel fairly confident that A-model will be issuing a long winged "E" model in the next year or so. So many cool Albatross markings including USAF, USN, USCG, foreign, etc. I can hardly wait. I'll take 5 off the top of the deck please! Cheers!
  2. How about a Michigan on the sheet sheet with ALL the nose art options. Only a few have been done. Be nice to have them all from one outstanding artist. Cheers!
  3. YESSS!!! We need an HH-43F in both scales! I've wanted this one since I can't remember when!!!
  4. Hey, you guys at Italeri listening? Bueller? Bueller? Since the Italian Air Force flew the HH-3, it sure would be a nice treat!!!
  5. I know I might be tardy to the party but what about doing some A-7A/B/E's full color CAG's etc. Some really great color schemes that need done or redone. Come to think about it what about some A-4B/C/E/F's - in 72nd PLEEEESE!!!
  6. How about reprinting No.1 as well? Love Gray F-4E's. Will be a killer sheet.
  7. On the IPMS Reno, "High Rollers" is a guide to casting parts. The info is under Link, Download Section, Casting Couch. It's got a bit of everything but it should help. Cheers! www.RenoHighRollers.com
  8. Don't know if anyone has suggested this as I've not read through all the ideas folks have had, but what about a ERA-3B sheet for VAQ-33 & 34? The "33" markings in the kit are atrocious and no one has done 34's at all. I know you'd do them both up right! Thanks for being one of the best of the best.
  9. Any idea when the SIOP FB-111A sheet will be out. I'm really hoping for "Sleepy Tim Gal". Any chance that's on the sheet?
  10. I got my sheet just in time before my move. This is one great sheet. Looking forward to building my Vermont bird. Thanks for doing this sheet.
  11. How about shrinking your NASA F-104 Sheet down to 1/144th for the great little Revell F-104G? It's a great looking 144th kit and would make a really nice addition to small scale NASA aircraft.
  12. How about a couple of markings for VPU-1 & 2. You could kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak. If you go to the "Sneaky" page on the P3 Orion Research Group - http://www.p3orion.nl/sneaky.html you'll find pictures of VP-19 and VP-50 aircraft that are P-3C's - nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more - say no more! These aircraft were actually (E)P-3B's painted in active duty patrol markings but were really intel aircraft. Some had "windows" painted on the air-frame to mimic P-3Cs as well as sonobuoy launch tubes painted on the undersurfaces to make Russian ships and aircraft think they w
  13. I'll second that one!!! This is #1 on my list of OV-1's!
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