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  1. Oh snap! I might have the Caracal set lol! Thank you very much!!!
  2. that HobbyCraft did with the Trumpeter 1/32 kit? I always thought that paint scheme would look spiffy on the shelf. TIA!!!
  3. I have built both and definitely Tamiya all the way! Have fun with it as this kit is another Tamiya winner!
  4. My dad was a navigator on EC-121s, P2Vs, and P-3s for 26 years retiring in 1977. He said that the all-time best squadron he served with was VP-17. He recently passed away and got me to thinking if there have ever been any of these markings printed in 1/72 for the Hasegawa kit as I would like to build one in remembrance. TIA!
  5. Thank you for the kit and couldn't be happier unless somebody could sell me a winning Powerball ticket for 2 dollars! Dan
  6. Hello, I think my father’s brother’s cousin’s nephew has this kit!!! I will ask him lol! PM sent soon
  7. Hello, I may still have this sheet but will have to wait until I get home and have a chance to look. I would PM but don't want to get your hopes up first and/or you may have gotten it by now. Thanks! Dan You can look me up on eBay as Falcon19741 if needed.
  8. Hello, I am looking for said kit for a reasonable price. I was in an aviation unit at Ft. Carson in the early 90s and looking for all of the airframes we had at Butts Army Airfield back then. This is the only one I need. I have lots to trade if whomever would want to go that route. Thanks!
  9. I don’t know if this has been asked but is it possible to get a proper German F model from the Zoukei Mura E and, if so, what would it take? Curious as to if they include the unslatted stabs in their kits. Thanks for the help
  10. I started this same kit a few weeks back with the Eduard interior p.e. set to go along with it. I have the instrument panel in work along with the engine mounts and bulkheads too. Seems to be a decent kit so far with good fit. ICM has definitely gotten better over the years. Will be following this build and looks great so far!!!
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