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  1. Just finishing it up now. Very nice! I deleted facebook many many years ago, but I subbed on my podcast app.
  2. Very nice trick. I don't typically use drawers, because I don't like not being able to see what's in them. So none of my desks have any drawers, but this is a clever solution for those that use them.
  3. I've come close, but I never ever start a new kit unless I've completed the previous one. Learn all the lessons I can (and make all the mistakes I want) then move on to the next. Even if it starts to go down hill, I figure it's an excellent opportunity to experiment with a new weathering technique, or maybe try some scratch built details, or a paint scheme.
  4. The only difference in removing the carrier between cold and hot water is literally a matter of a few seconds. But if you need some help or assistance using the Micro set/sol products, let me know. Happy to help. And if you haven't tried those products yourself, they're well worth your time to try
  5. Pointless in a world where Micro Sol and Micro Set exists. Moreover, decals do not use the same adhesive as shipping labels or 0.5mm thick window tint for removal.
  6. I just use cold water. I couldn't find any benefit to using warm water or keeping the water warm.
  7. I use cardboard boxes cut in a way to reduce contact points depending on what I'm building. Useful especially when painting our mounting landing gears. Also lets me pick it up and move it around without needing to touch the model itself. Not as spiffy as the Amazon version, but it was made out of Amazon shipping boxes...☺️
  8. Never seen the film, but I did read the book recently (I didn't even know there was a movie made until after I had finished the book!). I'm concerned the TV Series is going to butcher the book which is why I haven't started on the new show.
  9. Agreed. These problems are related to cleaning and good habits during use. Every single time I've had spraying issues, it's because I didn't clean the nozzle properly. Now I use those soft dental picks to clear it out and the amount of gunk that builds up in there is astounding sometimes.
  10. Any update to shipping on these?
  11. Gravity feed 100% I literally only need to put in a few drops of thinner, and even fewer drops of paint to cover a whole part. I use a single toothpick to drop in the paint, and it lets my stuff last a lot longer with much more consistency. Suction cup makes it seem you need several mL to get something going. Such a waste.
  12. Change your default gateway DNS server, then try again.
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