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  1. At a recent airshow I was lucky enough to get up close to this paint. Nothing I could find on the market seems to get anywhere close. It's dull in luster and only appears slightly iridescent in direct light and only at certain angles (like a cell-phone light held very close to the paint). I was really struggling to figure out how to paint these, but now I know I could get away with almost any grey with a slight tint of metallic added, and a satin or flat clear coat. Nothing fancy, and it will be very close to the real thing. I've attached the files here, but unfortunately the bat
  2. May find them on the instruction sheet database here: https://galaxykits.com/instructions/browse/all Only 261 Italeri kits listed, but you may luck out. https://galaxykits.com/instructions/browse/manufacturer/Italeri
  3. I've run into the same problem. Worse, the braided cloth wire soaks up the superglue and ruins my effort to keep it flexible. Here's what I did: Melt the end of the braided cloth wire, dab a tiny bit of superglue on it, then glue to to valves. The melted tip keeps the superglue from wicking up the wire, and I expect that it may even be sanded or otherwise cut down to shape.
  4. Barking up the wrong tree mate. Read those posts again.
  5. Sure, assuming they're not liars in saying they're an actual vet. Just like the 2 liars here saying they're actual doctors.
  6. Because all assertions on the internet of experience and history are fictious by default. Especially without meaningful proof to show otherwise.
  7. Chalk it up to creative writing enthusiasts just having a bit of fun. It's the internet, nothing is to be trusted. Especially some folks here that try to tell tall tales about their fictitious experience in the military.
  8. So here's what I've got: Prime the wheel (I use Black Mr Surfacer 1500 for everything) Tamiya X-85 Rubber Black What I want: Tamiya X-69 Nato Black for the contact patch of the tires Follow up with a circle cutter mask for the tire, then Insignia or Off color white for the metal rim. How can I go about masking or setting up the contact patch/sipes/tread of the tire for the Nato black? Thoughts?
  9. FYI, the Scale Model Podcast did a nice interview with a distributor on kit pricing and manufacturer cost. Starts at 54:10 http://media.blubrry.com/scale_model/scalemodelpodcast.com/shows/ep65.mp3
  10. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines see 47 and 19 cases of anaphylaxis out of ~10 million and ~7.5 million doses. With numbers like these, I didn't hesitate to get the Moderna shot when I did. Worth it. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2776557?guestAccessKey=b2690d5a-5e0b-4d0b-8bcb-e4ba5bc96218&utm_source=For_The_Media&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=ftm_links&utm_content=tfl&utm_term=021221
  11. And the earth is flat, man never landed on the moon, santa clause is real, and 9/11 was an inside job. Absolute mockery
  12. Please. The infectious disease experts have already made it clear to the nation and the world. And yet their expertise is being ignored by millions.
  13. Got mine. First shot just had some weird cramps that first night and then that was it. The second shot hit me like a ton of bricks. 48 hours of chills, fever, headache, it was not pleasant. But after that it was all gone. Funny enough my spouse had no effects from either shot.
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