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  1. Macbain, Nice build. Sent you a pm. Regards. Rob.
  2. Very nice cockpit painting! Here is a tip for your next project PE Detail painting Regards. Rob
  3. Short answer. Late. Rob Taurus canopies
  4. Here are some nice tips: Frank's Scale Model Aircraft Art! Regards. Rob.
  5. A little update. As I said in my previous post I want to make a representation of the cockpit in the Revell kit. Here is test fitting the basic cabin wall and floor. I will be adding instrument panel, middel- and side consoles and seats. I added some weight to be sure they sit on all gears. I also want to make sure that my airliners don't sound like rattle cans. On the Zvezda kit, I installed the wind screen. In my previous post, I said that the clear plastic is soft. This comes in handy because the screen is a bit wide when you fit it. Squeezing it inward on both sides makes it sit
  6. Danny, Thanks for the instructions, but don't worry. This was just a test fitting and a valuable lesson for me. Regards. Rob.
  7. Revell's fan blades are the same as Zvezda's. two parts. Thinking of installing bearings. There's no sound in that video,gladly. Otherwise you would have heard me huffin' n puffin' till I nearly fainted :wacko: This is the Zvezda engine. Rob.
  8. As Jelle suggested in his tread, I like to share my build of the Zvezda and Revell 787 Dreamliner. The two kits are identical. Revell has used the Zvezda molds to produce their 787. Revell's is molded in white plastic and Zvezda's in light gray. The surface of the Revell model feels a bit smoother then Zvezda's. The plastic used for the Revell model is a bit harder then that of Zvesda's. You will notice it when glueing one or the other. Revell's doesn't melt as quickly as Zvezda's. The cockpit wind screen and cabin windows are of an even softer kind of plastic which can easily be bent without
  9. I got it. I copied the sheet and cut out the parts to test fit them on the model. At first I thought that the white line followed the contour of the wing, leaving a square part uncovered. Adjusting the part to the correct position revealed my confusion. Ofcourse I know that the belly needs to be painted but that little corner had me confused because on the guide you don't see the light and dark blue stripes go below the wing as the decal does. So we're clear on that. Hope to see your beautiful Dreamliner soon. Rob.
  10. HI Jelle, I'm curious to how the Skyline decals 5 and 7 will cover the fuselage at the rectangular point. On the guide, you see the trailing edge of the wing that is white. The light and dark blue striping should continue over the wing, in my opinion. In photos of the real thing I don't see any white underneath the wing except for a little piece of gear door. Curious. Rob.
  11. That would look fabulous on a natural metal finish model!! Decal industry, are you listening?
  12. 1/48 A-6 Intruder from Tamiya or Hasegawa 1/32 F-16 B/D from Tamiya 1/72 Star Wars B-Wing from Finemolds.
  13. I have for sale: Teknics Tk4856 P-51 A/B/C Instrument Panels and Rudder Pedals for Accurate Minatures and Tamiya. Teknics Tk4859 F-4u-1/4 Corsair Instrument Panels and Rudder Pedals for Tamiya or Hobbycraft and Hasegawa. From each set two aircraft can be fitted with a photo etched instrument panel with instruments on acetate film. $6.75 each plus shipping: Nederland: $1.20 Europa: $2.10 World: 2.70
  14. I found one on evilbay. Seller say it's compleet and like brand new but looking at the pictures I think one of the landing gears is missing. Fuselage parts and wings where removed from the sprues so I think more parts are missing. Didn't see an assembly guide so it would be guesswork putting it together and where decals would go. Asking prices is ridiculously high, but knowing it 's a rare kit, I'm tempted. Thinking of buying it because I heard that eduard will make a PE set for it. Any advise would be appreciated. Rob.
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