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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Resin intakes are by Quickboost (48902), I have used them because I had them 😉. Compared to Trumpeter's ones they have slightly better looking thinner edges. FOD covers are not removable, because intakes and engine exhaust are not painted inside. Cheers!
  2. As requested sharing my newest build:
  3. Hi I have just finished my first model with Caracal decals and I enjoy it. They are really this and react perfectly with microscale set/sol. I can think of only one flaw: all stripes were too long and i had to adjust them: that's why on stripe below are only 4 arrows instead of five. And the background of them should be really dark blue, not black. For more check this topic:
  4. Hi, Time to share my latest finished project: 1/48 L-39C Albatros in Vandy One livery It is Trumpeter model with additions of: - Eduard photo etched parts - Caracal Decals - Resin intakes, wheels, FOD covers, lights from Eduard/Aerobonus - Pitot tubes from Master - Aerobonus RBF’s Paints used were Tamiya and Gunze Hope you'll enjoy it 🙂
  5. Hi!, Finally I am able to show my latest finished project: F-4N Phantom from VF-111 Sundowners wearing "Bicentennial" livery. This is Eduard repack of Academy with additions of many resin and photoetched parts. Model is made mostly out of the box. Few additions were: - resin MER and TER's from Eduard - resin Mk81's also from Eduard - decals for AIM9 and AIM7 from Tamiya's F-14A - AoA sensor from Master Model in painted mostly with Hataka Orange-Line lacquers and Tamiya paints. Metalizers are AK Extreme Metal. Wash
  6. Stunning work! I love it! How was GWH kit? Any noticeable problems? What colors did you use for burnt titanium on jet exhausts? I'm planning to build this in Polish AF colors soon 🙂
  7. Bullseye decals are great: thin and with very nice detail. Colors used: - HTK-C068 – US Army Desert Sand FS30279 - HTK-C160 – Pale Brown FS30140 from this paint set:
  8. Hi, As promised I would like to show you my another model: F-15C MSIP II in Desert Aggressor scheme from 144 Fighter Wing / 194 Fighter Squadron, Fresno ANG base 2006. Model was built straight from GWH box in 1/48 scale. Only aftermarket parts were: - FineMolds seatbelts - Wolfpack AN/ALQ-188 - Hasegawa ACMI - PlusModel ladder Painted with Hataka Orange/Tamiya + AK Extreme Metal + Tamiya wash + AK pencils. Decals Bullseye 48-002 + CATM Two Bobs 48-172. Model has been built before F-14A shoved before. Enjoy! F
  9. HI, thank you all for really kind and heartwarming comments 🙂 Next ongoing project is VF-111 F-4N in bicentennial livery from Eduard 1190 box (Academy repack) Livery is not chosen definitely - I like each one included so it is a hard choice 😉 If you want to see my previous project: F-15C in desert camo from 144th FW/194th FS - Fresno ANG I can post it also 🙂 Here you have a sample:
  10. Hi, Finally I am able to show my Tamiya model of F-14A AE200 (Block 80 BuNo 159446) from second cruise on USS America in 1977. I have added few aftermarket parts including: - Cockpit: mix of Eduard Brassin and Aires - Gear and wheels from Kazan - Eduard nozzles - QuickBoost gun vents - Pitot + AoA Model Master - Decals are Furball 48-021 + Data Sheet Fightertown 48-087 + Tamiya Painted with Hataka Orange, AK Extreme Metal and Gunze GX. Weathering made with Flory/Tamiya washes and oil paints from Ammo of Mig and AK pencils. E
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