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  1. I've seen that picture too and noticed the distortion in it. Steve
  2. It looks to me like the wing was modified to operate jets of gas in the wingtips, the visual evidence appears to show the wing remained tapered after this modification. Thanks for your inputs. Steve
  3. Thanks for the response guys. I think they were just small wingtip extensions and not new wings. Now that I see that the kit comes with the correct wing, I will buy it. Steve
  4. I was looking at a couple on line builds of this kit. It looks to me that the wing is the wrong shape. It looks to squared off. I cant find any photos of the actual plane with this wing shape. The latest photo is on Cybermodeler on the IPMS/USA 2016 National Convention Photo Gallery Day Three - More photos from the contest room page. Near the bottom. any comments? Steve
  5. I read that back in 2013 Thomas Hudson was heading back to North Korea to try and find the crash site of Jesse Brown's F4U Corsair. He evidently went to North Korean but they told him to come back at a later date. Has the site ever been found? Steve
  6. The one I am looking for is for USS Bennington 1965 Western Pacific cruise. The nose had a unique blue scallop design. I remember first seeing this scheme on an old Revell A4D kit # H-299 and have always wanted to model it Steve
  7. Did any company do decals for VA-113? I wand to do an early A-4B in that scheme. Steve
  8. I'm hopeing one of you guys might have an extra canopy that you did not use. Both of mine are crushed. Thank you steve
  9. Vingtor Decals 1/48 Canadair Sabre Mk.5 - Boeing Chase Planes Does anyone know who might have these decals in the USA? Steve
  10. It was covered in :Aircraft #3 Luftwaffe Bombers in Action. Steve
  11. Did you read my answer to this question? Steve
  12. I'll do ya better than a manual. How about a F-84 crew chief that was in the Korean War? I just got off the phone with Douglas Danford. He lives just south of me. I asked him point blank. What was the hole in the side of the canopy used for. He said," It was an access panel for the equipment there". There was no blow out panel. The material they used to strengthen the canopy is like fiberglass, but not exactly. We talked for about an hour. Those guys like to talk. So I have no documentation to back it up. Will this do Jennings. I can give you the phone number to the guy if you like. I am inclu
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