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  1. I was looking at a couple on line builds of this kit. It looks to me that the wing is the wrong shape. It looks to squared off. I cant find any photos of the actual plane with this wing shape. The latest photo is on Cybermodeler on the IPMS/USA 2016 National Convention Photo Gallery Day Three - More photos from the contest room page. Near the bottom. any comments?


  2. I read that back in 2013 Thomas Hudson was heading back to North Korea to try and find the crash site of Jesse Brown's F4U Corsair. He evidently went to North Korean but they told him to come back at a later date. Has the site ever been found?


  3. The one I am looking for is for USS Bennington 1965 Western Pacific cruise. The nose had a unique blue scallop design. I remember first seeing this scheme on an old Revell A4D kit # H-299 and have always wanted to model it


  4. Here's a thought - could it be both an access panel and a pressure release mechanism at the same time? Maybe the designers needed to install the pressure release valve, and decided to position it in such a way as to make access to the area behind the seat easier.

    Did you read my answer to this question?


  5. I'll do ya better than a manual. How about a F-84 crew chief that was in the Korean War? I just got off the phone with Douglas Danford. He lives just south of me. I asked him point blank. What was the hole in the side of the canopy used for. He said," It was an access panel for the equipment there". There was no blow out panel. The material they used to strengthen the canopy is like fiberglass, but not exactly. We talked for about an hour. Those guys like to talk. So I have no documentation to back it up. Will this do Jennings. I can give you the phone number to the guy if you like. I am including a link to a news article that was written about Mr. Danford.



  6. But why would you just make a circular access panel? The canopy has a birdcage frame, you can easily make a hatch with a piano hinge without it being in the air stream. If not that, then at least a bolt on section you can remove and replace that you can maintain a proper torque to keep it pressurized.

    Because a round hole is stronger than square one.


  7. Posting for a potential new member:

    What is the purpose of the circle in the framed canopy of the F-84G on the right side, rear?

    I tried looking it up and can't find anything.

    Is there a wire or something attached to it (and where is the other end)?

    I have one of the kits too and have wondered.



    It was purely for access to the area behind the pilot. It was not for pressure relief.


  8. Hi Steve,

    This the photo you're talking about? Iven Kincheloe F-104 photo

    I'm pretty sure that's an early version of the FOD screen for ground run-up operations.



    It sure looks like a FOD screen. The ones I've seen cover the outside of the intake. It almost looks like rivets around the edge though. I wish I could see where it connects near the cone.


  9. I just got the new issue of Flypast magazine. There is a spotlight series article on the F-104. On page 75 there is a photo Ivan Kincheloe in front of an F-104 intake. The intake has some kind grate applied to it that I've never seen before. I'm sure it's just a protective cover for engine runs. I was at the last F-104 base in the USA and I don't remember them being used. I also can't find any other photo with this cover on it. Any insight?


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