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  1. Well finally some one answered it.Thanks for that insight.That makes perfect sense.I have wondered about that for years.I went to my Hasegawa F-8(still in the box) and taped the pieces together and there it is.
  2. I was looking at the Detail and scale book on the F-8 Crusader.There are a couple of pictures of the piston that lifts the wing.I was wondering about this set up.This piston is the only thing that holds the front of the wing on to the aircraft.It seems that since it is only on the right side the wing would twist some what when g's were aplied to the aircraft.This little piston just does not seem strong enough.Was there some sort of lock down that I am not seeing.
  3. Where was it located? Steve
  4. It is a F-89D modified into a F-89J Steve
  5. No,they were only used on the wingtip rails.Generally if they had wingtip fuel tanks,they had bombs,fuel tanks,rocket launchers or napalm on the wings.The outboard wing pylon was wired for bullpup missiles. They could also carry latter versions of the Aim-9 on the tips as the launcher lugs were the same and the earlier missiles were actually upgraded with better systems and given a new suffix letter.However, the avionics were not always upgraded to work with the newer IR heads.Now you might be able to find some photo or artwork with aim-9's on every pylon but in operations it did not happen.
  6. Very nice.What are the long things above both intakes? Steve
  7. They actually only flew the Cutlass in a few shows in 1952 because it was a maintinance nightmare.They had two aircraft assighned to them. Steve
  8. Does any one know what happened to the third F-107A? I always thought it was destroyed in a crash at Edwards AFB on Sept 1,1959. I just ran across a picture on the Dryden site showing it on the lakebed on that same day. The picture states that it had a ground loop landing mishap.However it does not appeared to be damaged.Any guessess? Here address for the photo. http://www.dfrc.nasa.gov/Gallery/Photo/F-1.../E59-04916.html F-107A ground loop landing mishap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo Number: E59-04916 Photo Date: September 1,
  9. I worked on both of these airplanes when I was stationed at Luke as a weapons tech in the early eightes. Steve
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