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  1. Maybe a dumb question. I see the comments that people are making about models they are seeing. Where are they? Stev
  2. They were always bare metal. Never painted. Steve
  3. I was a weapons loader on f-15 Eagles. The lower two fins were installed after the missile was loaded on the on the plane. The missiles came to us on the trailer with out the fins installed. We would install the other three fins on after it was lifted off the trailer. Steve
  4. Has any one ever seen a photo of B-58s' being destroyed at Davis Monthan during recycling? I don't think I ever have. Steve
  5. Hasegawa 1/72 01953 RF-101C VOODOO`OPERATION SUN-RUN` I am looking for this kit. I have a budget of $20.00 plus shipping. If you would like to give it a good home, please contact me. I will build this kit. Not re-selling. Steve
  6. No one else seems to know about this either. I guess it's kind of rare. Steve
  7. I just bought one of these kits. Part number TAM61062.It came with extra clear sprues of the Fuselage halves, nose, bomb bay doors, pilot,etc. There is an extra sticker on the front of the box, but it's in Japanese so not sure what it says. I remember Tamiya doing a Mig-15 in clear version. Any one have any info on the mosquito boxing? Steve
  8. Eventually I'm betting we'll be able to map the bottom of the oceans in photographic detail. Until then it's just a guessing game. A lot of things could look like a fuselage. But I'm betting it's just debris from that broken up ship. steve
  9. Tailspin. That was an excellent article on Westinghouse. Steve
  10. I've been re-reading a lot of my books on the early jet fighters of the fifties. As a lot of you know, terrible engine designs were the death of some of these planes. I have read a lot about the F7U-1 Cutlass and again, the Westinghouse J-46 did not allow the plane to perform like it should have. When I set my Ginter book on the F7U-1 on my desk, it landed next to an F-86 book I was also looking at. A bell went off in my head. J-46 engine, sucks. J47 in the F-86, great engine. Why did no one suggest, hey, lets try the J47 in the Cutlass. It would have been a perfect engine. Just seems like an
  11. It's one of those planes you could buy at Toys R Us or Walmart a few years ago. Might half to scratch build. Steve
  12. A friend just gave me a 1/18 f-86, but it is missing parts. I am looking for the right aileron and both horizontal tail surfaces and elevators. I thought maybe someone might have parts bird. Steve
  13. Here ya go. steve http://www.librarything.com/series/Squadron%252FSignal+Aircraft+in+Action http://www.librarything.com/search.php Type in "Aircraft Specials" I have almost all of them. Collecting since 1977.
  14. It looks like it is permanently attached to the ground. Going to be hard to find a make ore model number for that. Steve
  15. Hasegawa was supposed to release kit#09788 in 2009 with that paint scheme but it went bye bye for some reason. Steve
  16. Glad to help out. Steve
  17. It appears The FR code was re-cycled from the XF-83. From the book "Buzz Numbers", by Peter Bowers. "FR on factory painting blueprint when auther restored US Air Force F-107 for the US Air Force Museum". Steve
  18. That is very true. Even the F-106 had them for a while. Steve
  19. I have found a reference to the letters FR.Thats the only Buzz number I can find for the F-107. Steve
  20. The FW Buzz letter was probably taken from the photo of the "F-100BI" mock-up of the sabre and the fact that it was kind of related to the F-100. Having trouble finding an actual code for the F-107. I don't think they actually assigned a letter combo to it. The reason for the buzz numbers was to keep WWII fighter pilots from "Buzzing" almost anything to impress somebody and then crashing. Civilians could supposedly see the number and report it. By the time the F-107 came around, that was not so much a problem. Steve
  21. If it was a single seater YF-15A that would probably be SN 71-285 or 71-286. However there are a lot of photos out there with two seater TF-15A 71-291 with a full load of bombs. steve
  22. I manage a Hobby shop in Florida. I pay $17.49 to my distibuter and sell them for $29.99. Been that price for 6 months now. steve
  23. Three live missiles. Two on right wing. one on left. Steve
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