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  1. So I'm checking out google maps of North Island Naval Air Station and I see what think is not one, but two F7U Cutlass fighters. One has two verticle fins next to it and the other has at least one wing by the plane. Any comments? They are both on the northwest corner next to an F-18 that has it's wings removed. Is one of these from the Walter Soplata collection? Steve
  2. I know everyone says rivits but they are mostly screw fasteners, not rivits, that they are trying to replicate. If you look at the real F14, it has them all over it. Once the model has paint, it will look fine. Steve
  3. Found some VE-7's. Look down the page. Steve http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.org/...ic.php?p=211764
  4. The first large scoop is the primary heat exchanger aux inlet. The second is the exhaust for the heat exchanger. Steve
  5. A simple search on google brings it right up. I searched " QF-86F #881" and there it was. Steve http://www.chinalakealumni.org/IMAGES/1987...%20D-Curtis.jpg
  6. Jet fuel getting a little to expensive for ya? Looking for a cheaper fuel for your Apache? Steve
  7. Sure you can Copyrighted Material: You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or ARC/ARC Forums. This means no hotlinking from other sites.....if it's not hosted at ARC or at your own site, please provide a hyperlink instead of hotlinking photos. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter in order to maintain the integrity of ARC. This includes posting the photos in question that are saved to a Photobucket or other photo hosting site. Please post these as a clickable link instead of the photo itself (unless you hold the copyright of course). Steve
  8. Never, ever,ever send items overseas by ground or ship. This will always happen. Steve
  9. If a bunch of guys with little resources can get a B-29 out of the ice and almost fly it out, you can bet that bringing an F-105 Thunderchief back to life is possible. Steve
  10. I am looking for the left side of the vertical fin for the Monogram 1/72 B-52. Of coarse if you have both parts that would be great too. Steve
  11. Do you still have the Hobbycraft RT-33? Steve
  12. I have read all the responses to this subject and decided to look ay all my photos and books of Skyhawks. The only thing consistant was that there was no consistancy on what A-4 had the slats up and what plane had the slats down while it was sitting the ground. All A-4 models appear to be in both configurations. As far as the same squadron, some were up and some were down.If they were set to open on the ground then they should all be down except for BA and other specific aircraft for what ever reason. I remember working trans alert back in the eighties but I can't remember any safety pin or d
  13. Bu No 161521 History. Blue F/A-18A Manufactured in May 1982. Total Flight Hrs: 1614.9 Total Landings: 1989 Total Arrests: 89 Total Cats: 79 Steve http://www.blueangels.org/Aircraft/Stick/FA18/521/521.htm
  14. Hasegawa 1/32 P-51D Glamorous Glen boxing. Looking for this kit to buy Steve
  15. All the TB-58's had the original SACseat and never had the encapsulated seats. Steve
  16. Decals for the TF-104 Free World Defender scheme in 1/48. Hasegawa showed it as a release a few years ago but was never released. Steve
  17. Looks like an Impala but can't place the air force. Stece
  18. I would like the Hasegawa Martin P5M Marlin $15.00 . PM sent Steve
  19. Yes, there was a chrome version also. I prefer the gray plastic version. Steve
  20. I just went ahead and requested a paypal invoice from Draw. The cut and paste procedure was very aggravating so I just elected to let them do all the paperwork. Steve
  21. Well, you can but they urge you to buy them from there list of retailers. steve
  22. I am looking for the NASA Lockheed S3B Viking Draw decal 1/48 set. Airline Hobby Supplies has them but there minimum is $25.00 and I just don't need any other decals. Steve
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