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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, six pack. Steve
  2. Anyone have this kit for sale at a reasonable price? I'm not looking to re-sell the kit. I plan on building the kit. Thank you. Steve
  3. Bert, I wan't to display that in the hobby shop when your done. Steve
  4. http://flickr.com/photos/diorama_sky/2899766889/ Just searching Google images will get what you want. Steve
  5. In 1983 The training missiles still had all the fins installed. The rollerons were however removed on some missiles. I know because in 1982, I used the USAF suggestion program to try ang get the fins removed on captive Aim-9's. The Air Force answered me back that they did not have enough aerodynamic data and that it would have to be investigated. And most of the missile body was blue. Including the fins. Steve F-15 Weapons Load Crew Chief Luke AFB 1980-1984 http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...sa%3DN%26um%3D1 See the 12 photo down the page.
  6. The above pictures look exactly like the doors looked on an operational jet that I saw come through my airport FBO so they have flown a plane in that condition. Steve
  7. Ok, I agree with that. But is that a tear in the aluminum on the left wing also? Does not look like worn off paint. Steve
  8. The only damage that I see is what looks like a small hole in the leading edge of the left wing near the top of the picture. Is this is where the bird strike was? Steve Steve
  9. I remember that F-4 being brought to Luke AFB. I am sure it was F-4B or N from VF-111 "Sundowners"with a sharksmouth on it. Steve
  10. I've noticed by looking at a lot of photos that the shape of the cut out area appears to be different on various planes. Looks like repairs to me but I wonder what causes the stress so much on the right door. Steve
  11. The blues pilot said instead of replacing the doors everytime they break, they will do a temporary fix and fly it that way. I've got close up pictures that I will try to find but they are buried some where. Steve
  12. Why do you say that? I saw the plane land like that with the broken door and it took off that way too. Steve
  13. You guys might me interested in this. Back in 1998 I used to manage an FBO (civilian fixed base operation) in Florida. One day we had a Blue Angel F-18 come in for a few hours. While taking pictures I noticed a bid chunk of the main landing door was missing. It actually looked like it had torn off recently and not been repaired yet. When I questioned the pilot he said that pieces break off of the doors all the time and they fly it that way. I had never heard that before but that's what he said and there was the proof. Steve
  14. It is one of the ALQ-128 EWWS (Electronic Warfare Warning Set) antennas. Steve
  15. I did not remember Anigrand doing a XV-6A. There is none on there web site. Steve
  16. The hole the safety pin goes into goes all the way threw the pylon. The pin can be inserted on either side. Steve
  17. I'm looking for Monogram issue of the A-5A Vigilante to buy. Steve
  18. I've got the decals but I need the masks for the painting. Steve
  19. It's another privately owned L-39. Steve
  20. John, I was at Luke between 1980-1984 and almost all landings were with the speed brake extended and most used aerobraking also. I remember doing EOR many times and watching the pilots keep the nose way up to what seemed like to long a time and then the nose would drop after the wing lost all lift. I should have taken pictures. Steve
  21. I've seen privately owned L-39's painted up as USAF aircraft. When did the USAF test them? Steve
  22. Take a look at the Castle Air Museum F-15. I can remember working on this plane back at Luke AFB in the 80's. I don't remember a early F-15 ever being painted like this. The grays were never that different as I recall. Does any one agree with me on this? Steve http://www.mercedsunstar.com/101/gallery/1...filiate.111.JPG
  23. Holy cow, I worked on that jet when I was at luke back in the early eighties. Brings back some memories. Steve
  24. The "B" boxing has the "C" nose. They never really did a "B" version even though it said it on the box. Steve
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