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  1. Very nice paintjob! It looks really good. About the AB section - I always thought the huns weren´t painted there?!
  2. Good luck then, chuk. Hope you get the parts you need from them. I´m really eager to see the end of it soon. Guess I don´t have to elaborate again how much I like it.
  3. Hi, always love to see your stuff. It looks great and I´d certainly encourage the idea that you take some nicely arranged shots of it. Another superb build of yours. Too bad you´re not that much into building dioramas apparently, because even if it were only one single "generic" one to back your beautiful builds it would be one cool thing and certainly very beautiful as well.
  4. There is one more thing you might also want to add. I had forgotten to mention it in my last post. It´s something I also had to correct later: The two latches (I think they are called) for the ladder are too closely together. I belive the rear one has to be slightly more backwards. If you are using the LH decals you will definitely notice this since they are designed to fit a bigger distance between them. Greetings
  5. Hi! Which Alclad tone did you use? Nice work also on the panel lines. I would suggest that you also make those changes to the rivets as Ghostkiller had mentioned, but it looks great anyway. :lol: :D
  6. Absolutely outstanding job on the cockpit!!!
  7. Hi Henry! It´s a very intersting technique but also quite time consuing in the preparation, I guess. I think this looks very good and had planned to try a similar effect but since all the paint is already on, I´ll have to get there with a brush. Keep it up and your bird will look absolutely fantastic!!! Greetings, Martin
  8. Hi Guy! Well, I favor the subtle way it is right now. Everybody else seems to think so and I believe it´s quite realistic. The tags and caps on the loadout are great but how about you give us a dry fit photo? I´d really like to see that if you haven´t already put them on. Greetings
  9. You´ve done some interesting work on this kit. The cockpit and bays already looks very nice and I guess with the rest it won´t be any different.
  10. That´s some pretty amazing detailing for that scale. Let´s see some paint on it soon!
  11. Hi there, and thank you! This update looks like a bigger leap forward and indeed many hours of work on the model had to be spent up to this point during the last few days. Decals are taking quite some time: Very little specific reference and only some rather inaccurate, but still helpful general information about stencils after a camouflage respray on russian Su-27 kept me guessing what I should leave out and what had to be there. Closely examining the photos from the DVD I found that there also are numerous tiny stencils all over the fuselage. Given that after a respray roughly 70-80% of
  12. C´est un travail magnifique que tu nous montres ici. Very well done. I had first thought that you´d put the quilting onto the metal all by yourself but now I remember that here in Germany there are some products with a similar surface structure, too. Great thing - I gotta remember that. Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:
  13. One more update for this build before I finally go to bed. Same as before on the other side, I did a little washing on the wheel bay - not too strong, but so it would look a little dirty. On the photos of real Flankers that I´ve seen, the wheel bays are mostly quite clean. The decals were again improvised from a replacement stencil sheet and apllied using Micro Set/Sol. Ok, you´ve probably seen a few photos of the engines before, but while doing the washing on the wheel bays, I simultaneously contrasted the panel lines in this section (using all of my four arms). While not anything real
  14. Hi there rom, I like what you´ve done to the kit. The surface of the kit parts doesn´t look too well by default and since there´s trouble with the fit as described above... But you´re gonna make it look beautiful in the end.
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