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  1. I hope the 133 non celebrities on the Delta jet liner that ran off LaGuardia's runway are alright.
  2. 5 hours on workdays,10-12 on days off.
  3. I know for a fact I have a few models he can have. Pretty simple kits, not Hasegawa or Tamiya quality, but starter kits to wet his whistle as they say. Let me know how things go tomorrow. If all good, let me know and I'll send some his way.
  4. Thanks guys. Bill, the Sabre was built for a resident of mine. He was actually Gabreski's plane captain.
  5. After becoming a CNA and getting hired by a great retirement community, I expanded the Veterans Model Project to focus on my residents who are Veterans. They number about 60 and nearly every week another Veteran moves in. Over the last 6 months I've built models for 7 Veterans ranging from a crew man on a sub tender to the armorer for Gabreski's F-86! The local news paper did a nice article on what became known as the Independence Village Veterans Project. A documentary producer from PBS saw the article and contacted me regarding them doing a feature on the Project. THe corporate office heard about the Project and the 2 head honchos called me in for a chat. Long story short, they were very unhappy about my model building endeavor costing me from my own wallet, so they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. They set me up as an LLC, gave me a hardly ever used craft room on the second floor, told me to buy duplicates of the tools I use at home, submit invoices for EVERYTHING needed from kits to glue as well as an invoice for my hours spent working on the models both in the craft room AND at home!!!!!! They are paying me the same wages I receive as a CNA to build a model for every Veteran who lives there!!!!!!!! To make this even more special for the Veterans/Residents, I get to write up their bio which will be placed in book form in the soon to be completed Veterans Tribute Room along with a photo of them now and back in the day so everyone can put a name to the face. The same bio will also be presented to the Veterans Oral History Project to be submitted to the National Archives in Washington DC. Now I get to serve and tend to my residents AND honor Veterans at the same time and be compensated for it! I'm still just shocked and thankful beyond words. Corporate also set up a Face Book page for the Project. Please feel free to visit!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Independence-Village-Veterans-Project/611833115573877
  6. Looking for this kit. 1:48 scale Visible B-17 G kit. Thanks!!!!
  7. Now I remember why I stopped posting pics here.
  8. Thanks. The base is a simple wood plaque from Michaels sprayed with Krylon paint and sealed with 5 coats of brushed on Future. The insignia was laid down on the third coat. The post is a small brass road covered in bakers foil. When the light hits it just right, it looks like an acrylic rod.
  9. When I built mine I washed the plastic and air dried, wiped it down with a micro fiber rag, brushed on the Future, let cure for 2 days, buffed with a brand new diaper and finally did another coat of Future. Sounds more time consuming then it was and the model came out great!
  10. How about this one: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=273908
  11. No problem. This is the 5th Libby I've built and if this is like the others, glue won't even be needed being the fit is so tight. That being said, the daughter of the lone survivor has a son who is an engineer, a husband who was a factory machinist and one of the French villagers is a wood carver. I'm thinking they'll make it fit!
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