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  1. I hope the 133 non celebrities on the Delta jet liner that ran off LaGuardia's runway are alright.
  2. 5 hours on workdays,10-12 on days off.
  3. I know for a fact I have a few models he can have. Pretty simple kits, not Hasegawa or Tamiya quality, but starter kits to wet his whistle as they say. Let me know how things go tomorrow. If all good, let me know and I'll send some his way.
  4. Thanks guys. Bill, the Sabre was built for a resident of mine. He was actually Gabreski's plane captain.
  5. After becoming a CNA and getting hired by a great retirement community, I expanded the Veterans Model Project to focus on my residents who are Veterans. They number about 60 and nearly every week another Veteran moves in. Over the last 6 months I've built models for 7 Veterans ranging from a crew man on a sub tender to the armorer for Gabreski's F-86! The local news paper did a nice article on what became known as the Independence Village Veterans Project. A documentary producer from PBS saw the article and contacted me regarding them doing a feature on the Project. THe corporate office
  6. Looking for this kit. 1:48 scale Visible B-17 G kit. Thanks!!!!
  7. Now I remember why I stopped posting pics here.
  8. Thanks. The base is a simple wood plaque from Michaels sprayed with Krylon paint and sealed with 5 coats of brushed on Future. The insignia was laid down on the third coat. The post is a small brass road covered in bakers foil. When the light hits it just right, it looks like an acrylic rod.
  9. When I built mine I washed the plastic and air dried, wiped it down with a micro fiber rag, brushed on the Future, let cure for 2 days, buffed with a brand new diaper and finally did another coat of Future. Sounds more time consuming then it was and the model came out great!
  10. How about this one: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=273908
  11. No problem. This is the 5th Libby I've built and if this is like the others, glue won't even be needed being the fit is so tight. That being said, the daughter of the lone survivor has a son who is an engineer, a husband who was a factory machinist and one of the French villagers is a wood carver. I'm thinking they'll make it fit!
  12. The wings are already assembled, all that's needed is inserting the "spars" into the fuselage. As for correct dihedral, I doubt anyone will be measuring.
  13. Where I work resides very many Veterans and management wants me to begin a project dedicated to them. 3 of the men who stand out are a Chinese American who was a navigator on B-24s with the 5th Air Force, a Japanese American with the 442nd Infantry Regiment and a crewman on the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Sheer, sister ship to the Graf Spee! I'll be posting their stories on the Veterans Model Project Face Book page if you'd like to read about them.
  14. Hi Joel, the wings will be attached as per the kits instructions. The original plan was to build the model completely, fabricate a box and have UPS ship it over. But customs became an issues and out of fear of them damaging the model, it was decided to hand carry her in a small box. Hopefully that will go without any problems. She's clean for just the reason you mentioned, it's going into a museum and the daughter of the lone survivor was very specific about the plane being clean being it was shot down on its eighth mission.
  15. This is going to St Leonard en Beauce, France to be placed in a memorial display during the 70th Anniversary of Victory Day. The model is to honor the crew of Star Valley, a B-24 that crashed near that village. The lone survivor was hidden but later captured by the Germans. The villagers erected a dedication to the plane and the crew and each year holds a memorial. The daughter of the lone survivor asked me to build a model that she and her family will hand carry to France where the model will be displayed in the village historical museum. Sadly, the wings could not be attached so as to m
  16. Hoping you all give a moment to keep these hero's in your thoughts. Lost a lot of my guys these last few months. Aren't many left. Lee Hilving Bill Caryl Neil McNabnay and John Bunker Jim Payne Alfred Sayles
  17. Just finished this for my neighbors son. RoG kit, just as nice as the other 1:48 offering and lots cheaper. Tamiya acrylics. First attempt at putting a model on a display base, came out fair for the first time.
  18. Needing a set of markings for any 44th BG ship. Really need the Flying Eight Ball insignia as well as tail markings. Name your price. Thanks and please email me at seanptracy@comcast.net
  19. Does anyone have a copy they no longer need? Please email me at seanptracy@comcast.net. Thanks in advance.
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