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  1. Don’t hesitate to trade with dann, he’ll of a guy! Marke
  2. https://canmilair.square.site/product/boeing-b-29-superfortress-markings-for-enola-gay-1945-1-48-1-32-scale-/83?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=true
  3. PM me your PayPal and I will send you my address and pay you Marke
  4. Academy F-111F shipped to 37814, East Tennessee Thanks! Marke
  5. Yeah when Brian sent me the B-1 he broke down the box and folded it up and found a box that everything fit in and it cost basically $25 to ship it from Indiana to East Tennessee lol Marke
  6. I’m on a bomber kick at the moment. Please have a reasonable offer. I’m not here to screw anyone or be screwed. Lol! Prefer PayPal. 37814 for shipping. Thanks, Marke
  7. Done and dusted! Thanks Brian!
  8. Brian (lockheed2004) is an awesome guy to deal with! Absolutely above and beyond the call! Marke
  9. Any reasonable price or trade will be considered. PayPal is how I’d like to pay 37814 for shipping Thanks, Marke
  10. Matt returned postage overage! Straight up guy to deal with! Don’t hesitate to deal with titan! Marke
  11. Been along time since I’ve been on here, nice to be back! Looking for a Hasegawa F-8 Crusader in 1/48 scale. I’m in TN for shipping purposes. Cheers, Marke
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