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  1. Kursad, Absolutely, here to help any way I can. I will look to that thread for your questions. r/Gunny
  2. Jus got the Heller 1/72 of this airplane. How bad or old is it? Is there a better one in 1/72?
  3. Beautiful just beautiful i have this this on the bench now to do in USMC decals. After seeing this I may do Navy. Love the international orange/white. The aircraft data (stenciling) is very worth the effort as it just sets this model off. So accurate. As an aircraft mechanic both in the Marine Corps and civilian I appreciate those details, and accuracy. Well done Sir! Bravo Zulu!
  4. Good call Dutch. That will makes those blades represent the later Phrogs. 👍 Dan
  5. Jakub, That is for sure a CH-46E/F "picture" on the box with large sponsons, or as we said earlier a "BullPhrog". You can easily tell by the refueling/defueling point on the direct front of the sponson. I have not seen the inside of the kit to check the sprues to see if indeed they molded the large sponsons to depict the picture, or if it is a re-box of a older Fujimi/Italeri kit with just new decals put in. I would look on the scale mates run down of the kit revisions and see if they say just "re-box", or if they say updated tooling. Hard to tell on the blades. But as Andy sa
  6. Jakub, The CH-46E's and some CH-46F's were modified to "BullPhrog's" which meant they received the new larger fuel sponsons. I do not believe any BullPhrogs were in Desert Storm. The HEF's were easily bolted on and off when the CH-46's were aboard ships. But were taken off for weight considerations when in country and hot conditions limited the CH-46's power available. If you find a picture or two of them in the desert, they must be operating close to their mother ship, or they have not taken them off yet as the aircraft was just arriving to its new location. It was not normal
  7. Tank, I will look for the Caracal sheet. Any 53 decals would be great. Rah! Gy
  8. Tank, Semper Fi Marine!! Thanks for posting. That is exactly the incident our Master Gunz related to us in the 80's. Long day for Evil Eyes that day. v/r Gunny
  9. I wanted to add some info to the CH-53A/RH-53A information earlier in the post that Dutch and I were discussing. Seems that USMC units were invovled with operation "End Sweep", specifically HMH-463, "Pegasus" off of the USS Inchon. See below: From HMH-463 squadron lineage page: "The HMH-463 crew of the first Airborne Mine CounterMeasures (AMCM) mission flown in Haiphong Harbor stands in front of YH-9 aboard the USS Inchon during Operation Endsweep. From left to right are: Marine 1; 1stLt Steve Vaughn, Co-pilot; Cpl. John "Wojo" Wojtunecki (Crew/Chief
  10. A 1/35th H-34 series would be so very awesome. Lots of possibilities for CH-34, HSS-1, Army, Navy, Marine decals. There is a very good article, yet very sad in Life magazine about a Marine CH-34, from HMM-163 I believe, YP. “Evil Eyes”..a day in the life magazine article. Unfortunately the aircraft came under fire and his fellow pilots and crew chiefs were killed by hostile fire. In my first squadron in the Marine Corps, HMT-301, our avionics chief was a Sgt in HMM-163 during this incident. He gave a lecture on it during one of our safety stand downs. Left but impression. I’ve al
  11. Whitey, sweet F-117. Looking forward to your S-3!! Dan
  12. Jakub this is the accident I referred to in my upper post. Teo engines back and the helo attempted a take off. Gy
  13. Great pics Andy. That is one CLEAN MH-53E. But of course it is it’s up at Fleet Week. Love the Go Navy Beat Army logo on the big bad fool sponson. Gy
  14. Here is the HM-14 Vanguard MH-53E full shot:
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