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  1. Croaker53, What years were you in 463? I flew with all the D-squadrons when they were in Kaneohe. I was with MAWTS-1 from 1997-2003, would come out and do TERFI, NSI, stuff all the time. Semper Fi, Gunny Dan
  2. Dutch, Not at all. You're Good to Go. Thank you for the correction. As far as the Osprey pulling a Mk-105.......well you know the USN asked the program office a few years back....😱 (it didn't go far)
  3. Dutch, You are correct and I stand corrected. I gave bad gouge. The MCH-101 is now the AMCM replacement for the MH-53E Sea Dragon for the JMSDF. When I was in the program office the plan was for both JMSDF and JGSDF to deploy one Type/Model/Series and at that time is was the CV/MV-22B variant. The JGSDF has a procurement goal today of (17) aircraft. They are hybrid CV/MV/MCV-22B's. They carry the avionics array of USAF CV's and USN MCV's, but they do not have the extended range tanks of the USN MCV-22B, they have the standard tanks of the USMC MV-22B. Other ACM po
  4. Concur 100% with that!! Gunz
  5. As one of the posters already said the Academy MH-53E was re-released during COVID, but only made it to a few eBay sites and not the US market at all. So they both CH-53E/MH-53E continue to demand a high price when you can find them. Academy had said at the 2020 IPMS show they would release it again, but that could've been "show bar talk" for all I know from the vendors. The JMSDF MH-53E's are retired now, so only thing out there is the 1/72nd scale models by Italeri, and the 1/48th scale offerings by Wolfpack JMSDF MH-53E, the Academy MH-53E and the MonoChrome JMSDF MH-53E. (Whi
  6. Well, A year ago I would've said you were right Tank, but seeing a 1/35th scale release of a CH-47, sort of blew me away. It makes the 1/48th scale Academy CH-53E look small, and we all know the real thing ain't small!! So a 1/48th scale or even a 1/35th scale CH-53K is not out of the question at all. One can hope and pray, but we will will see, as it will be a mountain of plastic in that box. a 1/72 CH-53K may serve as a market test to see if a larger scale would do well, I think it would, but I am way biased!! Certainly, you CAN NOT re-release a 1/72 sc
  7. Andy, Your MH and HH builds are fantastic and to think they are in 1/72 scale just blows my mind. I know my friend Mason Doupnik is doing a MH-53J right now in 1/48th, and he has put a ton of time in on the interior of the old Revell/1:48 scale kit. He is adding ResKit details, as well as a ton of scratch built PAVELOW interior items. The 1:48 scale kit just screams to have scratch built interior items added to it. I am sure if you did Resin casts of your MH in 1/72 scale or god please in 1/48th they would be a hit!! r/Dan
  8. Mike, Great photos of that IHAS project, I had seen the external pics, but NEVER saw the cockpit layout, lots of things in there that are NOT conventional, very cool. Great references for sure!!!
  9. Mig, I will pull the reference chart and post it, but I believe off the top of my head (yikes!!) you are correct. I know the mast is taller, but I think only 10.5'' vice 12''. but the manual will tell me. Here are the pics of the TH-55 we fly. It went thru a total restoration a few years ago so its listed as a Schweizer 300C.
  10. HOLY MOLY...................love it, if you ever replicate it in resin...and in 1/48th.....I'm in for the non-reoccuring engineering costs!!!
  11. I have a full set of manuals for both the TH-55 as well as the Hughes -300A/B/C variants. We have a TH-55 here at my airport where I work. Paine Field in Everett WA. Its about 25 books in all. Covers the Army version as well as the civilian version. I also have a full set of Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB's) for each series both Military and Civilian variants. So if anyone needs me to scan some pages I certainly can do, no problem. The twin tank installation is for the civilian variant for sure, and since you can model that, I think they made a small mistake in the direction
  12. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, thanks for sharing Andy!! 1/72 scale as well.....my old tired eyes couldn't even imagine. Gunny
  13. Derek, I would be very suspicious of the "Gate Guard" aircraft as far as the definitive markings to judge the decals against. These gate guards are notorious as "project" aircraft for volunteers and or an aviation mechanic (Army, Navy, Marine) that does not want to be re-painting the gate guard. Do not get me wrong, and I am not making any judgements on that TH-55 for 100% sure its "wrong", I am just saying check in-service photographs, reference materials, books and Army Flight manuals etc. before you believe the gate guard is 100% accurate. I too ordere
  14. Paul, Love that paint scheme as well, of note as well is the "Bat" in the insignia yellow on the rocket pod, appears to be the only jet with it. The Giant "C" on the tail is interesting as well. Denoting the Commanders aircraft? Interesting markings for sure. Someone detailed this airplane out for some reason. The flag, the tail "C", the insignia yellow with black stars, the Bat...its a pretty nifty fifty Scorpion! Always reminds me of "Jet Pilot" with John Wayne.....the "Mig" was a black painted F-89. Cool movie.
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