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  1. Elmo, She is looking ready for the waist CAT. I hope you know you are going to have to display this beautiful beast on a mirror? Because the bottom is just as awesone as the top! I feel like airframes and powerline are finishing up her heavy maintenance check and the wings are sitting in there jigs awating maintenance actions.... I also would travel to Nat's to see this in person. Inspiring Sir, makes me want to aspire to be better with my scratch building. Thank you for sharing this journey. Gunz
  2. Great CH-53G/GS pics!! As Andy said this thread is all things H-53. Thanks for sharing!! Gunny
  3. C'mon guys....you all know thats the F-35 new and improved vertical lift engine system. Simply a CH-53K.....LOL It falls into the motto of Heavy Lift and the 53 community for years...."You call, We Haul, if we can't haul it....you don't need it" Semper Torque!! Gunz
  4. CONCUR 100%.......and I would have to hide it as well......
  5. OMG!!! That JMSDF MH-53E is one heck of a model. Over 1000 parts in the head. Wow!! He did an outstanding job on that kit. All the scratch built interior cargo was excellent. thanks for the link. I now bow my head in shame at me scratch built head...LOL Gunny
  6. I have only seen the MH-53E re-released as of 2023, but no where have I found to buy it. I have not seen the CH-53E anywhere???
  7. Hell yeah! Semper Fi!! The GAU-21 RMWS is a little near and dear to my heart. I was the program manager for it when I was at MAWTS-1 and later up at NAVAIR when we were testing it and getting it into final production for the fleet. Here's a pic of the prototype system for a congressional visit day at MCAF Quantico. Trying to drum up congressional add money sowe could rapidly deploy the gun to the fleet. Also installed on this PAX bird 163086 was the ballistic floorboard armor.....stuff was a giant PITA. (Jus sayin) (Oh, you can tell its a VIP visit day...notice cl
  8. Fantastic CH-53E here!! Did you scratch build the GAU-21 RMWS? If you did, darn near perfect my friend!! My first boat squadron as a CH-53E guy was HMM-163(REIN) for Somalia in 1993/1994. My bird was YP-65. So I love me some Evil Eyes. In HMH-462 we had (4) brand new factory fresh CH-53E's. So we painted our Evil Eyes a little different for that float. Here is how our Evil Eyes looked 1993-1994 11th MEU Float.
  9. Well, Browsing the "evil-bay" as one does to keen an eye out for 53 stuff I ran into this little gem......with announcement of the 3d printed Seaking I guess it was only a matter of time. But $800 USD....ouch I wonder how "rough" the parts are and how easy or difficult it would be to build up. Even in 1/48th scale the Academy is a scratch builders dream its so darn big. I have two CH-47's now. One in 1/48th and one on 1/35th. I also bit the bullet and got the 1/35th CH-54 from ICM......big helo's
  10. Jon, Did you scratch build that rotorhead? Or is it the Reskit? It looks just fantastic. The first Academy I built I did not know about Reskit, so I scratch built my rotorhead blade fold lines. Your RH assembly is jaw dropping. I can see the pitch lock cylinders, the blade fold harness junction boxes, the dampers....WOW😃
  11. Looking good!!! Lots of patience my friend! Semper Fi Mac!! Gunny
  12. Beautiful Shitter Sir! I love the fact you weathered the aux tank to show the carbon fiber showing through. Thats exactly how some of our aux tanks look every day!! Dutch is right, this one must have just come off a quick wash rack....LOL You have Masons book so you have seen the wear and tear on these poor beasts. You even included a gray Sleeve and Spindle on the rotorhead!! Your blade tip weathering is spot on as well. Super nice build. Thank you for sharing it!!
  13. The MH-53E was in test colors at that time. Here is some pics of that bird. Also here is another shot of the first YCH-53E. "Whale-tail". You can really see the tail in this perspective. Also in this shot you can see the long fuel sponsons with out auxillary fuels tanks installed yet. The No. 3 engine exhaust is also much larger than the production delivered CH-53E's with the -416 GE motors. The No. 2 exhaust is also very short, and would prove problematic for heat build up on that part of the fuselage as well as compressor inlet issues. No rotor head cover, known to us as the "beanie
  14. Looking good Marine! Stay on target! r/Gunny Dan
  15. The AV-8B does not carry a 30mm gun. It has a 25mm gun in her pod. Ammo pod on one side gun pod on the other. Its the GAU-12. I agree it would be very difficult to nail a drone with 20mm, 25mm, 30mm from an aircraft platform. The 20mm CIWS is different as stated due to its ability to rapidly acquire a target as small as these drones. Good ol' air to air aerial gunnery from a CH-53E, CH-53K, or MH-60R/S would do the trick nicely. Especially MH-60R/S as we mounted the complete Common Defensive Weapons System (CDWS) on the Romeo and Sierra. It Consists of: GAU-21 .5
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