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  1. Jakub, Here is a prime example of using an EAPS barrel where ever you can find one. How about a German CH-53G/GS with a USMC CH-53E gray EAPS installed?
  2. Received all of my sheets today. All look immaculate. I should have enough now to finally do some builds for my 1970's Marine Veterans!! Looking forward to the 1/72 and the USAF sheets. Thank you for what you do Sir!! r/Gy
  3. Jakub, In the above photograph I can tell you that these three aircraft are all 161XXX or 162XXX BuNo's as they all have the early tail blades and TRH installed on the aircraft. The "Block Upgrade" began with the assignment of 163XXX BuNo's and the tail rotor blades were changed to the composite materials and the TRH changed to accommodate the new hub for said blades. The CH-53E with both style blades has approximately a 20.0ft diameter. Please see below. This line drawing is in the public domain, and not controlled. Hope this helps! Gunny
  4. ABSOLUTELY!! Any word on when their release date is??? Fingers crossed the Fujimi/Italeri CH/MH-53E is also re-popped. (1/72)
  5. Kursad, Received my set in the mail on Monday. These are just fantastic. The three sheets are very crisp and the colors are spot on. I went through the data stencils and other markings you included. All appear to be right on. The options for the tri-color camouflage as well as the gloss marine green are fantastic. The option to do flat marine green is there as well since you included the flat black stencil data. The USN RH-53A/D's are well represented. I see you included the VC-1 scheme, I've always wanted to model that 53A!!! The minesweepers were always very colorful air
  6. Jakub, This picture is taken at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Yuma Arizona. Very normal practice to swap EAPS barrels across multiple BuNo's in the squadron as they are a high maintenance item. Don't care what they are painted as long as the aircraft is "up" for missions. Especially as we had to reset the fleet when we returned form the desert. Lots of maintenance that was pushed off had to be done when we came home to get the aircraft back up to snuff. Gunny
  7. Elmo, I can smell the inside of the cockpit, and I can hear the sounds on the flight deck as this bird gets ready to go.....WOW. The ejector racks are a work of art by themselves. The buddy store looks like it just came up from the hangar deck right out of the storage racks, and the plane captain only had time to "wipe it down" prior to hanging it. From a guy who spent 33 years around Marine/Navy aviation I can safely say you hit the realism nail right on the head with your weathering techniques. Not over done by any means, as some weathering can get away from us, I
  8. Gorgeous build Paul. Love the "Loaded Varks"....mean bomber it is!! r/Gunny
  9. It looks just fine, its just low on fuel......sitting high on the struts!!!
  10. Absolutely STUNNING Sir!! My closet of CH-53's Thanks you one and all!! Can not wait to see them. r/Gunny
  11. Ahh, yes. Ok my mistake there, disregard Andy!! 🤪 Gunny
  12. Andy, Not sure how you are getting to 1976 when the CH-53D entered service? Do you mean with HMX-1? As a presidential support aircraft? As the Marines CH-53D entered service in 1970. 156654-156677 Sikorsky Contract #65158 - #65181 September 1970 deliveries. r/Gunny
  13. Andy, Great picture, I have never seen that one before. Nice shot of the top of the rotorhead as well. All gloss white beanie ring!! I love it. I am doing a 1/48th scale model of this aircraft this year, so a great reference photo.
  14. Sir, I have been watching this build it is amazing. I love the realism. I was a Marine for many years albeit in helicopters, but I have been around A-6E's and EA-6B's alike you have nailed this build! Even the Grimes light hanging from the canopy is on the money! Can not wait to see it with some paint on her!! Good luck and God's speed on it!! Thank you for sharing her with us! Gunny Dan
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