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Greetings Modelers,

Recently got back into the hobby after a few years off to retire and move from the East Coast back to the West Coast.  Southern Maryland back to Seattle area.  Retired from the Marine Corps in 2008, did 23 years active, and another 10 years as a DoD contractor for Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River MD.  I was a CH-53A/D/E helicopter crewchief and mechanic while I was active duty.  I moved home to Seattle to work with my Dad's company here at Paine Field, in Everett WA.  We currently are restoring a 1943 Mitsubishi A6M3-32 "Hamp" fighter.  We also built (3) flying (2) static Me-262's for various customers.




I model mostly in 1/48th scale, but dabble in other scales when I find the right aircraft or helicopter I want to build.  I mostly build for fellow veterans/friends and pass my models onto them.  My interests are WWII to modern aircraft and helicopters.  Currently I am building some 1/48th scale CH-53's for a fellow Marine.  The revell CH-53A/D kit, as well as the Academy CH-53E.  He has asked me for (4) aircraft in total.  CH-53A from circa 1989, CH-53D from 1990, a CH-53D in desert colors from 1991 when he was in Iraq, and a 1995 CH-53E in the new gray scheme.

Very much looking forward to meeting you all, and learning about the hobby all over again, as there are so many improvements and techniques out there these days.  And as I look over the forum there are so many excellent modelers here, I hope to gain some expertise along the way.

v/r Gunny Dan

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