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  1. TIA, The Revell kit re-tooled their offering and included the CH-53E style blades and upgraded bat wings and 650 gallon tanks to model the CH-53G/GS. The Reskit 650 gallon tanks are indeed picture #4. The kit supplied tanks in the new CH-53G/GS are correct tanks for both a USMC, USN, and USAF late H-53's. In picture #3, you can use the original batwings and tanks from the Revell kit early release and your batwings will be correct. Remember if you choose to do the picture #4 USAF version, you will need to modify the CH-53G/GS batwings by cutting out some of the fairin
  2. We had physical stops in the gun mount so you could not shoot the tank. Elevation and traversing stops were built into each weapons mount. A. To ensure largest field of fire available B. Not to shoot the tanks C. Not to shoot the rotor arc Yes, in high angle of bank is the CH-53A with early M-60 machine guns installed you may hit the rotor tips while firing. In 2003, on the CH-53E, when we put the new GAU-21 .50 cal's in the aircraft we had to verify 1960's fields of fire that were in the NATOPS, Operating Handbook. Anyways we found the NATOPS to be incorrect an
  3. 462....but who's counting!! It is definitely a fun configuration management nightmare!! Gy
  4. The support pylons or "bat wings" are indeed different in these pics. But the tanks themselves are the same 650 gallon tank made by a company in Irvine CA, today, and they support the Israeli Yassur H-53 as well as the German G/GS 53's. The pic Kursad just posted of the "early" tanks on that HH-53 are very much to be "rumored" F-105 tanks, modified to fit on the early bat wings. Trying to get a solid refence from the PAVE CAVE guys to cement this statement. Gunny
  5. Stephen, Yes those are the current CH-53E tanks, as well as the last tanks flown on the MH-53J/M PAVELOW III. Those tanks would also be correct for a USMC CH-53D. The early HH-53B, HH-53C, RH-53D tanks in 1/48th scale are still elusive, and not done by anyone I know of either 3D printed or in Resin. There are some 1/72 scale tanks out there for the early USAF drop tanks with the correct fins, but the overall size of the tank is not exactly correct but close. Over on the CH-53 reference page there is a discussion on tanks and photos of the various tanks.
  6. in jest? you say? oh my, I spent some time on google on that one......my fault, hook, line and sinker....I will go back to my purple crayons.... r/Gunny
  7. Kursad, Not sure who mentioned the "scratch building" comments, but according to Domestic/International trade laws I have looked into, I have not found a reference at all pertaining to the inclusion of multiple versions of Type/Model/Series subjects in one particular boxing of a scale model product. As others have stated many, if not all the kit manufacturers out there provide the instructions/markings/painting guidelines as "recommendations" to build the model to match the box art. "Scratch Building" parts to get the exact BuNo/Ser # you want is a normal practice. So the indus
  8. Love that T-bird, nice to see that kit built up. And, it turned out to be a stunner. r/Gunny
  9. Ron, As far as I know the Reskit 1/48th CH-53D or as they call it "6-blade" version can be built spread or folded. The picture shows the Sleeve & Spindles in their folded "open" positions. I believe in the instructions it shows you how to glue them in the spread or folded positions. I will open up my Reskit MRH's and check for you to be sure. If it is sold molded in only the folded position, it would be very easy to carefully cut at the fold hinge and glue the S&S in their spread positions. Again I will double check my stash of Reskit stuff and verify.
  10. Kursad, One would hope with the popularity of the Hobby Boss 1/48th scale release, Hobby Boss would do the enlarged sponsons and the upgraded avionics antennas. The HF antenna, the added SATCOMM etc could be included in a future release. Especially if Japan and Taiwan may buy thru FMS the MCV-22B variant over the straight USMC MV-22B. It would be nice to see a resin conversion set as well. ResKit, Eduard, etc could do it and it would sell pretty good. Hasegawa's USAF CV-22B in 1/72 scale is a excellent kit to turn into a representation of the MCV-22B, as well as the
  11. Caracal, Here is a new topic, or maybe an old topic, but how about a 1/48th USN MCV-22B? Very colorful VRM-50 aircraft. See below:
  12. Mike, This is the research thread so post away, I know you have a "vast" stash of H-53 info to share. I've been to your office at PAX, so I now you have great stuff. r/Gunny
  13. Jakub, Here is a prime example of using an EAPS barrel where ever you can find one. How about a German CH-53G/GS with a USMC CH-53E gray EAPS installed?
  14. Received all of my sheets today. All look immaculate. I should have enough now to finally do some builds for my 1970's Marine Veterans!! Looking forward to the 1/72 and the USAF sheets. Thank you for what you do Sir!! r/Gy
  15. Jakub, In the above photograph I can tell you that these three aircraft are all 161XXX or 162XXX BuNo's as they all have the early tail blades and TRH installed on the aircraft. The "Block Upgrade" began with the assignment of 163XXX BuNo's and the tail rotor blades were changed to the composite materials and the TRH changed to accommodate the new hub for said blades. The CH-53E with both style blades has approximately a 20.0ft diameter. Please see below. This line drawing is in the public domain, and not controlled. Hope this helps! Gunny
  16. ABSOLUTELY!! Any word on when their release date is??? Fingers crossed the Fujimi/Italeri CH/MH-53E is also re-popped. (1/72)
  17. Kursad, Received my set in the mail on Monday. These are just fantastic. The three sheets are very crisp and the colors are spot on. I went through the data stencils and other markings you included. All appear to be right on. The options for the tri-color camouflage as well as the gloss marine green are fantastic. The option to do flat marine green is there as well since you included the flat black stencil data. The USN RH-53A/D's are well represented. I see you included the VC-1 scheme, I've always wanted to model that 53A!!! The minesweepers were always very colorful air
  18. Jakub, This picture is taken at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Yuma Arizona. Very normal practice to swap EAPS barrels across multiple BuNo's in the squadron as they are a high maintenance item. Don't care what they are painted as long as the aircraft is "up" for missions. Especially as we had to reset the fleet when we returned form the desert. Lots of maintenance that was pushed off had to be done when we came home to get the aircraft back up to snuff. Gunny
  19. Elmo, I can smell the inside of the cockpit, and I can hear the sounds on the flight deck as this bird gets ready to go.....WOW. The ejector racks are a work of art by themselves. The buddy store looks like it just came up from the hangar deck right out of the storage racks, and the plane captain only had time to "wipe it down" prior to hanging it. From a guy who spent 33 years around Marine/Navy aviation I can safely say you hit the realism nail right on the head with your weathering techniques. Not over done by any means, as some weathering can get away from us, I
  20. Gorgeous build Paul. Love the "Loaded Varks"....mean bomber it is!! r/Gunny
  21. It looks just fine, its just low on fuel......sitting high on the struts!!!
  22. Absolutely STUNNING Sir!! My closet of CH-53's Thanks you one and all!! Can not wait to see them. r/Gunny
  23. Ahh, yes. Ok my mistake there, disregard Andy!! 🤪 Gunny
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