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  1. Absolutely STUNNING Sir!! My closet of CH-53's Thanks you one and all!! Can not wait to see them. r/Gunny
  2. Ahh, yes. Ok my mistake there, disregard Andy!! 🤪 Gunny
  3. Andy, Not sure how you are getting to 1976 when the CH-53D entered service? Do you mean with HMX-1? As a presidential support aircraft? As the Marines CH-53D entered service in 1970. 156654-156677 Sikorsky Contract #65158 - #65181 September 1970 deliveries. r/Gunny
  4. Andy, Great picture, I have never seen that one before. Nice shot of the top of the rotorhead as well. All gloss white beanie ring!! I love it. I am doing a 1/48th scale model of this aircraft this year, so a great reference photo.
  5. Sir, I have been watching this build it is amazing. I love the realism. I was a Marine for many years albeit in helicopters, but I have been around A-6E's and EA-6B's alike you have nailed this build! Even the Grimes light hanging from the canopy is on the money! Can not wait to see it with some paint on her!! Good luck and God's speed on it!! Thank you for sharing her with us! Gunny Dan
  6. Jakub, I can get those dimensions for you today. Stand by. Gy Dan
  7. Andy, My absolute prayers and good wishes for anyone you know enduring this current state of affairs. I hope your wife hears good news as to the safety of her loved ones. My best, Dan
  8. Andy, The USAF 6593rd and 6594th were designated as Test Squadrons for various T/M/S aircraft. Namely the C-130 and HH-53B/C. So it goes to reason that in the 80's they could have had one-two aircraft with the composite blades installed. Like the one we saw in the video. There is a FaceBook group dedicated to Operation Coronado, and the "Falling Star" Mission. The 6594th Falling Star FB Page. I went through it in hopes of finding one, just one picture of our elusive bird, namely the one in the video. that video is posted there with a lot of the former crew members commenting
  9. Andy, I have watched that video at least 4 times, and you are 100% correct that 53 has the composite blades installed. The testing could have taken place both with a unit out of Eglin AFB, as well as Hickam. The USAF has had fleet units test upgrades via the fleet in an "Operational Test" environment, vice purely a "Developmental Test" environment. I have seen them do this, conduct DT/OT at the same time. The Satellite Recovery operations were a very distinctive mission and required some pretty hefty power requirements on the airframe. I.E. the mission specific profiles the a
  10. Jakub, Remember the blades represented by the Revell CH-53G composite and the Academy CH-53E composite are the exact same blade. However the CH-53E uses "Blade Extenders" on those blades when they are installed on a CH-53E Main Rotor Head (MRH). The USAF TH-53A, MH-53J/M PAVE LOW III did not need the extenders. Also, the CH-53G/GS does not need the extenders. The composite blades were originally designed to used on the CH-53D, HH-53C, MH-53J, CH-53G/GS. They were "adapted" for use on the CH-53E during flight tests at Sikorsky Aircraft. With the extenders fitted
  11. Jakub, Send me the powerpoint. I will look it over and tell you.
  12. Jakub, The CH-53G/GS, MH-53J/M all have the CH-53D Tail Rotor Hub assembly. They have the original tail blades as delivered back in the 1960's. The CH-53E and MH-53E uses a much larger Tail Gear Box and much larger Tail Rotor Hub, the tail blades ARE NOT interchangeable from a "Straight Tail" H-53 and a "Bent Tail" C/MH-53E or CH-53K. The first two pictures are of CH-53A/D tail blades. You can get a size appreciation by the two Marines carrying the blades into the shop. The last picture is of a CH-53E Block Upgrade Composite Tail Rotor Hub. To give you an idea on how big thos
  13. Jakub, It is the same aircraft. CH-53D YF-61. It was performing a post maintenance engine test and experienced an engine failure and had a "hard landing" event. the crew chief was Sgt Fong, out NATOPS instructor in HMH-462. I believe it had to get externaled back to the C-5 loading area to return to the states. I will confirm that story ASAP. r/Gunny Dan
  14. OBTW, none of the CH-53E kits in both 1/72 or 1/48th do you have the original TRB present. You would have to modify the ones in the kit, or build entire new ones if you wanted to model the early 161XXX and 162XXX CH-53E's. Dan
  15. Jakub, The composite tail blades above Andy posted a great picture of was standard on the 163XXX delivered BuNo's to both USN and USMC units. The fast way to tell is the square cut tip[s as Andy pointed out. Also the earlier TRB had Blade Inspection Modules (BIMS) installed as they had pressurized spars for rigidity. Nitrogen was used. Same as the MRB of the CH-53E. spar pressurized with nitrogen. The composite blades on the tail did away with the need for BIMs. Gy
  16. That is IR Tape, some units put that on the window frames so the infantry could see an airplane all blacked out. We do not have illuminated cabin windows like the USAF PAVE LOWs. Also, it could be standard reflective tape on the "inside" of the windows for ship board operations incase of an aircraft going down at sea you could find your exit by seeing the reflective tape. Some squadrons did it, some MEUs did it, some did not. Again, it all depends on the combatant commanders in a specific theatre and the guidance they give as to the "normal" configuration of that particular CH-53E you happ
  17. Jakub, The picture above is a USN MH-53E that was delivered with the "towel rack" HF antenna's from the factory. The small antenna in front of the "Shark Fin" and above the Omega is the VOR antenna. If you have Marine CH-53E's with the "Towel Rack" antenna installed in Desert Storm colors in the Gulf, I would be very very surprised. We did not start receiving those antennas until 1992-1994 with the 163XXX BuNo's delivered to mostly MCAS Tustin to HMT-302, and then HMH-462 standing down our CH-53D and taking delivery of 12 brand new block upgrade CH-53E's. 163079, 163
  18. Jakub, I will try and answer your questions, the best I can. On the pictures of the Ugly Angels CH-53D, the "Exhaust Mufflers" Are Infrared Suppressors. "IR Suppressors". A number of CH-53D's with GE-413 engines had them installed. This was to supposedly reduce our IR heat signature to enemy IR missile threats. they were deemed very high maintenance, as well as fire hazards. They also reduced engine performance, so......we removed them for other modern advances in ASE equipment. Onto your CH-53E questions: 1. SATCOM antenna - - only installed there for
  19. All, I have built a few dozen of the Revell 1/48th scale kits over the years. Working on the CH-53 my whole career I can say I am a "critic" of the kits offered in both 1/48th and 1/72nd. But, thats the way it is and you can build almost all the versions of this aircraft in either scale, depending on what you are willing to kit bash to get there. The major drawback for the USAF rotorheads, is the Revell kit does not have the "early" tip tanks, nor do they include the struts to do early HH-53B's. You can build a pretty nice YCH-53A, (remove the elephant ears, or dorsal
  20. Great looking H-34 Sir. The figures really make the build pop. Nicely done. Dan
  21. PHROGS FOREVER!! Nicely done, I just added two 1/48's to the build stash. Going to do one in "Evil Eye" HMM-163(REIN) during my 11th MEU deployment to Somalia, the other a "Side Flair" HC-11 bird. Great models!! Gunny Dan
  22. Absolutely STUNNING! this ol Gunny is a happy camper!! Where were these when I was finishing this one below.....Oh well guess I will have to do another one.....!!
  23. Mike, Andy, Indeed when HMT-302 Tail code UT transitioned to New River North Carolina from then closing Santa Ana CA, MCAS Tustin. The Navy and Marines tried to put all of the RAG CH-53 students through one command to save flight hours and costs. So YES, there were Navy MH-53E's that were in dark gull gray with light ghost gray USMC markings, specifically those of HMT-302, with tail code UT as I said earlier. They spent a few years together as a Blue/Green training command, then they transitioned back the MH-53E training to Norfolk. Along with all of the AMCM missions and school
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