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  1. Mr. Boyer, Over on the "Research Thread" is the H-53 reference page it has some good information on the differences between the various Type/Model/Series H-53's, USN, USMC and USAF. Here is a quick shot from one of the posts. Andy, According to my records with Sikorsky, the USAF did have (20) CH-53C's, that were not delivered with AR probes. However, you can see the probe caps on these CH-53C's are installed. But many times both USAF and USMC/Navy crews could pull the AR probe very quickly for ship board operations. However like you stated the aux tanks
  2. Andy, I think that would be an excellent subject and one I would model for my overall fleet of 53's I am building in 1/72nd scale, more room and easily I can model multiple aircraft. But, don't get me wrong, anything done in 1/48th both USAF and USN/USMC I will be buying!! r/Gunny
  3. Kursad, Yes I see the free .pdf, sorry I did not include that. Great resource! Yes, it covers minimally the SEA introduction of the H-53's. Some good info in there though. Not a lot of reference photos as it is a lot of text. I am not up on USAF H-53's like I should be, there are a lot better guys with Dutch, Andy etc. There is some great stills of the HH-53C from the movie "Airport 75'". Where the 53 sends a pilot into the cockpit of a flying 747.....pretty cool scenes, one of the USAF FE's I flew with knew all the guys in the super jolly that did the movie....cra
  4. One of the best resources I have seen in a long long time for USAF H-53's of all T/M/S is the book: "On a Steel Horse I Ride" it is available on Amazon, ebay etc...
  5. Kursad, the RH-53 marking look fantastic. Are you doing both hi-vis and low vis markings for the USMC 53’s? In other words I know you are doing a set of the engine gray markings for the USMC RH’s, but are you doing a USMC high gloss white markings? As well as a set of black markings so flat green or tri color cami birds can be done? The only way to do these as of now is to kit bash the Academy CH-53E, which at over $225 a pop hurts, or try and find old micro scale sheets off the greed bay, and pray they don’t fall apart in the water bowl……… As I am sure you are well a
  6. Yes. This was done both at Stratfort CT as well as NAS Pax River. Proof of concept if the 53 could fly with three blades following battle damage. As you can see the answer is yes. However these blades are true 53D blades. They saw service on the Marine 53Ds only at the 53D’s end of life tours. The Marine Cor-s decided to use them only for the 53E and not retro grade the fleet to one blade for both type model series. Big mistake as we needed the blades later in her life cycle anyways.
  7. No the actual dimensions of the CH-53E and CH-53K are extremely close to one another. The cabin is wider, but there are no bat wings and external sponsons to remove from the CH-53K to slide into a C-17. the C-17 load ex is actually very smooth for the CH-53K. The width of the cabin on the CH-53K was carefully modeled and test fitted 100's of times in both C-5 and C-17. The CH-53K program team laser mapped the inside of both C-5 and C-17 during the design phase of the CH-53K. Ensuring smooth air transportability of the finalized design. When we conducted the C-5 Load Ex and th
  8. Dutch, ooh rah devil dog!! I remember fondly breaking down for Desert Shield, we broke down at MCAS El Toro. what a nightmare, we didn't have C-5 breakdown boxes or anything, thank god we some SNCO's that has been to factory training to break em down. Learning curve was high, but by the 8th 53 we had it down. QCU's palletized on 463L pallets was the way to go!! Then cargo strap the sponsons and load the back with everything else. Good fun.
  9. Andy, you are correct differing W&B points for the CH/MH-53E's than the Deltas. The actual weighing of the aircraft does not occur that regularly if at all in the fleet. It normally happens at the factory and at the depots when the aircraft goes in for overhaul/repair/battle damage repair. But those stencils "should" be in place as to properly weigh the aircraft especially when breaking it down for a C-5 or C-17 load-ex. The USAF is kinda picky that way. 😉 As far as the blades are concerned yes the Navy departed from the Marine Corps on the upper surfaces of the blades whe
  10. Kursad, I hope I could help. I know some of the pics did not show on the site here with the resolution I had hoped for. But between Jakub, Andy, and myself I know we have high resolution pics we can email. But, it sounds like you have what you need. Very excited to see these. The former CO Col Rick Mullen has already asked me to build him an RH-53D in 1/48th from the Revell offering, so I will be buying a few sheets (Like 10-15 😆). Thanks again for all you do to further our hobby!! Pics below: Sooo much art and so little time, soooo many 53's to mo
  11. Some RH-53D stenciling with the engine gray gloss finish.
  12. These number refer to water line and butt line, or frame numbers for referencing locations on the helicopter. they are also there for weight and balance information when weighing the helicopter as to set the level on the jacks for correct CG for computing W&B. The forward UHF antenna has the circle around it. It is a no step circle as well as no placement of other electronic equipment as it is a pretty powerful UHF antenna. It is on all high gloss CH-53A/D's RH-53A/D's. It varies on the low vis gray/gray paint schemes, but for the most part the stencil is always present.
  13. Kursad, Here to help any way I can. Love the products, and a couple of sheets would do well. The Navy RH-53D's were always very colorful, with the Blue, Glossy Dark Grays's and of course the Squadron markings of those HM units you called out. Never been able to do those colorful 53's unless it was in 1/72nd. Thanks for helping out us rotorheads!! r/Gunny
  14. Andy, Great to hear from you my friend!! You are as always very correct Sir! Cheers, Gunny - of note is that the '93 photo shows a 'plain' red star, whereas those in the earlier pics here are outlined... ....also of note is that those Koku Fan pics appear to be from the issue dated June '94 - meaning they can't be the '95 birds... The aircraft participated in 4 different WTI exercises in Yuma, and the "stars" were applied two different ways. Plain red, and with the gold or white surround. Personally I like the gold surround. but it will be up to Kur
  15. Andy, Great picture. So what I have so far is the (2) aircraft that were painted up for WTI 2-93 through 2-95, were MS-488 and MS-489. These aircraft were assigned to HMH-769 out of NAS Alameda, but then a re-org of 4th MAW, the reserve wing, assigned them to HMH-772 Det A. When they were put apart of HMH-772, the tail designator changed from MS to MT. The photos clearly show MS on the tail, and below the chaff/flare bucket mounts you can see HMH-769. I am verifying with then squadron OPS Officer Col Rick Mullen USMC (ret) that the "starred" aircraft were still mark
  16. Kursad, I know the CO of that unit when they participated in WTI 2-95, I was stationed at Yuma at the time with MAWTS-1. I have the BuNo in my log book. I will post in an hour or so when I get home. r/Gunny Dan
  17. Sir, This is looking just fantastic. Great tribute to the H-34!! Semper Fly!! r/Gunny Dan
  18. 11Bee, I will look into the archive, I may have a couple of shots of it from my Sikorsky buddy. r/Gunny
  19. Looking really good Sir! Love the added touches in the crew cabin, the M14, very nice addition to liven up the already gorgeous build. Gives it a definite "lived in" look. s/f Gunny
  20. HAJO, Clinstone is correct this attachment on the nose of this particular HH-53B/C is apart of the LNRS. In 1968, eight HH-53 B/Cs received the first of several modifications, called Limited Night Recovery System (LNRS), which incorporated a low light TV and a hover coupler. The B-model was an A-model airframe, which Sikorsky separated into three sections to add supports (struts) for the auxiliary fuel tanks. The tanks were needed to increase the range of the HH-53 for CSAR duties in Vietnam. Hope this helps! r/Gunny
  21. It is a light it’s called a “night sun”. Used for rescue operations. I will see if I have a few better pics. GUNNY
  22. Looking good Marine. Time to break out my 1/48 Battle Phrog kit r/Gunny
  23. Love it. Great idea and beautiful pics. Gunny
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