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  1. COL Mills used to come speak at our Weapons and Tactics class in Yuma Az twice a year. The house was packed every time! An absolute must hear if you’re a rotor dude. I bought the 1/6 scale OH-58 from Dragon (I think) anyways it was huge, and he signed the model for me. He even initialed the GI Joe sized pilot right on the chest. He is a great speaker and highly recommend him. R/Gunny
  2. Gino, what a great build. Being stationed at Pax River I had the chance to go to the Marine Museum in Quantico often. Great subject with this particular CH-34D. HMM-361, HMH-361 has a long great helicopter history. I am positive you will do the “Super Kitties” proud! (HMH-361, squadron logo is the “Flying Tigers”, in 53 circles we called them the Super Kitties) I have the 1/32 kit, and was toying with the idea of a white Top Presidential lift H-34, but may change my mind to a USMC version based on your excellent build updates! r/Gunny
  3. 11Bee, Earlier in this thread we were discussing some UK based HH-53C's with a peculiar jammer pod on the rear bat wings. in the 1980's and 90's. I am not aware of any HH-53C's in SEA having any IRCM equipment installed. At least I have not seen any pictures of the gear installed.
  4. 757flyer, That is a new type paint job that was done when that aircraft went into depot rework Evergreen Helicopters in Medford Oregon. Trying to help the fleet keep their 53Es cleaner with a more satin finish than the flat paint of the past. As you may have guessed, our beloved 53 leaks a little...... Onto your next question. Typically when I was flyIng in the fleet, if we could keep turning to take on fuel while away from base we would. Shutting down, would sometimes cause us to have some sort of mechanical as we would turn back up, and not carrying a ton of extra p
  5. Dave, I am going to build all of the aircraft you have on the sheets in both 1/48th as well as 1/72. So I will go onto your site and order the 1/48th today. I will also buy the 72001, and 72002 when they are available. I have a good stash of 1/72 CH-53's as well as MV-22's some times the Marines I build for do want the 1/72 scale for their "I love me wall" vice the 1/48th, so I am super pleased you have done them. OBTW, the HMH-362, now VMM-362 "Ugly Angels" artwork is just spot on!! Very nicely done. The VMM-163, "Evil Eyes" are also on the money!! r/
  6. Just bought the new tools. Can not wait for them to get here. So tired of dremel melted styrene. And the sander? Oh be still my beating heart what sorcery is this with the little sander? Thank you for the tip! you're a master of masters Sir! 🤩
  7. SSgt Dave, i am am for sure in for 5 sheets of each. The low viz as well as the color version in 1/48th. I would even pre-pay and wait. With that, i feel bad for 1/72 hobbyists these days as the options for them are getting slimmer. With advent of 3D printing and modern tooling the 1/48th, 1/32nd, and 1/35th scales are jumping off the shelves. 10 - 15 years ago, this was different, you wanted it, it was 1/72 scale and many aircraft were available. So I am a little confused as why the market is soft for 1/72 sales. But you guys know better than I. You’re th
  8. So if you stand 3-5’ away at a model show, and the two kits are sitting on a table you will know one inch in scale? or if it’s on my shelf I will point out to people looking at it, “ oh it’s a nice kit, but off an inch”. If I am having it judged and I have mixed the two scales I would expect an IPMS judge or who ever is judging the contest to go ahead and ding my entry for the two scales. Because I should be accurate with my diorama. If I want it judged. Again, just happy the manufacturers are trying to get us rotorheads some love with their products. Remember Revell, auror
  9. Time to take out that second mortgage, I need these.......
  10. I did see this over on FB. Cool pic. it is of the PAX River test aircraft CH-53E 163086. It apparently has been transfered to VMX-1 down in New River NC for FOT&E missions. This aircraft has carried the original MC green since it was delivered to HX-21 in the late 90's. The gray no 1 engine cowlings are a test cowling made of newer materials. The engine cowlings on these 53E's are extremely maintenance intensive, so the test panels installed here came in the fleet gray color. The odd "green-brown" paint you see, is the fleet answer to touching up this aircraft for corrosio
  11. Right on target John. Well said. Dan
  12. Ok, I understand what you are saying about the model shop prices. They are loaded prices because of the pass throughs they incur and pass onto the consumer.
  13. So then explain if you have no "special access" why do you only pay half of what us poor schleps pay for a kit? I am confused by your remarks up and down this post. I know I am new here, but why point something out as a problem, with possible "insider information" on why it is a problem, but not clue us in on how you know this? I have been buying model kits for over 45 years. I understand the process of manufacturing a product and getting it to market. I don't build models for a living, I do that for fun. I run a manufacturing business, that builds aircraft, so I understand
  14. hawg53, I too have been on 928. I will have to look in my logbook to verify, myself and another Marine SSgt (E-6 for us) came over to the PAVE side for tail gun training. Once we flew about 8 hours with you guys, we modified a CH-53E with a PAVE ramp borrowed from Kirtland, and we conducted a tac-demo of rear hemisphere protection for the CH-53E. Flew (6) sorties out in Yuma AZ during Weapons and Tactics Instructors course WTI 1-00, and WTI 2-00. So the birth of t
  15. This is why I want to try my Brewster Buffalo, I am going to do it in early USMC WWII blue's and grays. Colors I can easily play with from Hobby Lobby or Michaels craft store for very little money to experiment.
  16. Truly amazing. I have watched a lot of PLASMO YouTubes. Great modeler, and his techniques are inspiring to say the least. I have a Tamiya Brewster Buffalo that I have wanted to start and I think this will be my test platform for trying this technique. Thanks Breaddy-Stack! Good stuff r/Gy Dan
  17. Thanks J. I’m leaning towards the Fonderie and the italeri.
  18. Andy, According to my records with Sikorsky, the USAF did have (20) CH-53C's, that were not delivered with AR probes. However, you can see the probe caps on these CH-53C's are installed. But many times both USAF and USMC/Navy crews could pull the AR probe very quickly for ship board operations. However like you stated the aux tanks are the give away, as well as the squadron designations of the time and research to see which type/model/series they operated during "Operation Frequent Wind". Some data on the variants, since this is a research post, put everything in one
  19. SERNAK, Hopefully some of these help out Sir. s/f Gy
  20. As requested, I do not have the end all be all of HH-53B/C SEA pictures but I do have some and will post more as I dig them out. A little mishap here..... With a few "Sandy's" I am sure off to a CSAR mission: In revetments: Coming aboard I believe USS Midway CV-41 during the evacuation of Saigon: Nice belly shot here You can see even in the B&W images the weathering on these Super Jolly Green's. Mostly exhaust stains and some wearing alon
  21. Dave, I have my USMC aviation pics at your disposal!! r/Gunny
  22. SERNAK, I will go thru my collection and post some USAF Super Jolly Greens. R/Gy
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