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  1. Andy, Love the 'ol "Evil Eyes" of HMM-163. I was with HMM-163 from 1993 - 1994, we were with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) aboard the USS Peleliu. Here are a few shots from Operation "Distant Runner", the Rwandan conflict took us and three of our CH-53E's to Burundi to await a possible hostage rescue in Kigali Rwanda. Evil Eye-63, BuNo 164363, Evil Eye-64 BuNo 164364 and Evil Eye-65 BuNo 164365. 63 - Crew Chief Cpl Bobby Lijan 64 - Crew Chief Sgt Anthony Huntington 65 - Crew Chief Sgt Daniel Hammer
  2. So what your question was or what your problem is, is where is the £45.26 going? Well that’s the multiple “pass thru” that these manufacturers do not see to get there product to the “market”. Albeit the online market or traditional brick and motor store fronts. The distributors are are in the middle here and they are getting that pass thru. As you stated you feel it is excessive and they don’t talk about it to protect their sales force. Possibly the movement to be started here is more direct online sales would help eliminate those higher pass thrus. But again that kit manufacturer
  3. So I hope this was an attempt at humor. Being an avid ebayer for my kits as I get back into the hobby a little disheartening to realize I’m being ripped off every time I go and bid. But buyer beware, I get it. As for eBay I realize prices there can go insane, but I pay only what I want to, if it goes to high I pass. So truly what the market will bare. If Meng is getting $450 for a kit then people are willing to pay that price point to get it. Market at work. Model companies do sink a lot of R&D dollars into a subject, prototype it, and then deliver
  4. Jakub, The small you are correct is APR, the large is AAR. I am not sure on the colors for the buckets, as the load outs vary so much, and those specifics are not really appropriate for a modeling forum. I am sure there are pictures on line of various military load outs if you are just looking for colors. Gy Dan
  5. 1/32 or 1/35th does it really matter? I think what matters is it’s a new tooled, new production helicopter model. It’s not another P-51 with different decals or another FW-190. I mean no disrespect to any fixed wing modelers, but as a helicopter Modeler I’m excited for any company willing to get us rotary wing subjects. As Gino very skillfully pointed out, 9.143% difference? Really? With my old eyes 1/32 or 1/35 I’ll build them either way. just my one cent opinion. Gy
  6. Jakob, i though I posted what happened already to 161390? Two engines back during refueling then attempted takeoff with engines still at ground idle. Resulting in a rollover. Crew Chief LCpl Don Swanzy. 161393, was a no2 engine fire inflight. The zero bearing failed and the engine caught fire. Pilots safely got the aircraft to a albeit rough landing. But no crash fire rescue was available and the aircraft burned up. Crew Chief Sgt Bruce Innes. Thank goodness no deaths.
  7. Beautiful old Monogram kit comes to life!! Fantastic!!
  8. Jakub, The MH-53E's did not get their APR-39's until very late in the 1990's. So some of the MH-53E units that deployed to the Gulf War may have done so without that ASE gear installed. For the USMC CH-53D/E's the APR-39 v1 and v2 mods were ongoing well into 1995. they were being accomplished as fast as possible by in the field/afloat by "tiger teams" hired by NAVAIRSYSCOM, by the NADEP Depots, and at our home bases of MCAS New River & MCAS Tustin. I would say that about 80-90% of the USMC CH-53D's had the APR-39's installed front and rear, the CH-53E'ss not ne
  9. So sorry to hear this Adam. Hope you get to set up again, and enjoy modeling. thanks for updating the thread. r/Dan
  10. 11bee, the MH-53Es have received the updated ALE-39 v2 pods just as the USMC Ch’s have. The MH’s have been pulling more and more combat area missions these past few years. They required updated ASE gear as well as they received the new GAU-21 .50 cals for their ramp, for rear hemisphere protection. Wether Marine or Navy the CH/MH-53E’s capabilities are in high demand. Long range heavy lift, assault support seems to be the theme these days. The CH-53K can’t get to the fleet fast enough. The CH/MH fleet are getting tired. Those ALE buckets do appear loaded don’t they. B
  11. Andy, Nice catch, yes the AMCM gantry equipment is installed on this HMH-463 aircraft. It appears to be BuNo 157164, Sikorsky contract 65-290, struck off inventory in 2012. But as you noted no type/model/series designator above the BuNo. The other birds down the line it is there. She could have been an RH-53A coming off the line, then during some time during its fleet usage, the CH/RH-53A was covered over by corrosion control or? The Crewchief? Interesting.
  12. du bist willkommen mein Freund! r/Gunny Dan
  13. Not a good way to start off a weekend....actually this is not an "uncommon" occurrence, as the avionics "slip ring" that told the rotor head where to position itself for MRH folding, can be installed backwards without the maintenance guys knowing until they fold the airplane for a check out. Some nice colorful 53's: HMH-463 "Pegasus", also known as the "Pineapple Heads" as they are stationed at MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii Their signature Rainbow on the tail. Much Aloha.... A german CH-53G/GS painted over nicely for the UN missions, pres
  14. Always available to help out a friend in need. In this case a newly arrived CH-46 into SEA. A CH-53D from HMH-362 "Ugly Angels" YL-17 externally this brand new "Phrog" up to Marble Mountain Air Facility, RVN.
  15. Happy Fantastic Friday all! So how about some Friday Fifty Three Fun! Have you ever heard of the BH-53D? This was a late 1960's secret Marine Corps project, it consisted of highly classified.......ok just kidding. But, check out these pictures from a great website Pop-A-Smoke. Showing a CH-53D cargo netting 55 gallon drums of napalm and then a shot of them releasing over the target area. The nose art of the "Bombing 53's" On the way to the target area Bombs away Sorry this one is blurry
  16. Thanks guys! I will hit the greed-bay for these upgrades. Gunny Dan
  17. Kursad, Absolutely, here to help any way I can. I will look to that thread for your questions. r/Gunny
  18. Jus got the Heller 1/72 of this airplane. How bad or old is it? Is there a better one in 1/72?
  19. Beautiful just beautiful i have this this on the bench now to do in USMC decals. After seeing this I may do Navy. Love the international orange/white. The aircraft data (stenciling) is very worth the effort as it just sets this model off. So accurate. As an aircraft mechanic both in the Marine Corps and civilian I appreciate those details, and accuracy. Well done Sir! Bravo Zulu!
  20. Good call Dutch. That will makes those blades represent the later Phrogs. 👍 Dan
  21. Jakub, That is for sure a CH-46E/F "picture" on the box with large sponsons, or as we said earlier a "BullPhrog". You can easily tell by the refueling/defueling point on the direct front of the sponson. I have not seen the inside of the kit to check the sprues to see if indeed they molded the large sponsons to depict the picture, or if it is a re-box of a older Fujimi/Italeri kit with just new decals put in. I would look on the scale mates run down of the kit revisions and see if they say just "re-box", or if they say updated tooling. Hard to tell on the blades. But as Andy sa
  22. Jakub, The CH-46E's and some CH-46F's were modified to "BullPhrog's" which meant they received the new larger fuel sponsons. I do not believe any BullPhrogs were in Desert Storm. The HEF's were easily bolted on and off when the CH-46's were aboard ships. But were taken off for weight considerations when in country and hot conditions limited the CH-46's power available. If you find a picture or two of them in the desert, they must be operating close to their mother ship, or they have not taken them off yet as the aircraft was just arriving to its new location. It was not normal
  23. Tank, I will look for the Caracal sheet. Any 53 decals would be great. Rah! Gy
  24. Tank, Semper Fi Marine!! Thanks for posting. That is exactly the incident our Master Gunz related to us in the 80's. Long day for Evil Eyes that day. v/r Gunny
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