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  1. For whatever it may be worth at this point, there are no numbers here, but there's at least a good bit of up close reference:
  2. No experience with them, but if they suggest PVA to improve adhesion, I'd do a test with PVA on gloss/untreated surfaces, and see which performed better. Then I'd do whatever the results indicated to the target surface, apply PVA, and the Quinta parts on top of that.
  3. Looks like between the shape of the pylon and the limited movement of the inboard portion, there's enough space.
  4. I've been in contact with him recently (within the last week). I found him through Scalemates when I was looking up a model I was working on, ended up placing an order for some parts (and then another), and there was contact through email. Great guy, and very helpful, and he pointed me in this direction to boot.
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