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  1. The Douglas Model 566 - a carrier-based nuclear bomber design competitive with North American's AJ. Like the Savage, the 566 would've had a third engine, a jet exhausting ventrally: I'm going with the idea that it would have been the A3D had it been built Douglas 566
  2. Some pure speculation as to where'd you go about hiding a 777: MH370: Where Would You Hide a Triple 7?
  3. Was just playing about with this profile over the last couple of days, and while waiting for someone this AM, just sort of plunged into finishing it to see what I'd get. Results were muddier than I'd hoped, but I think the aluminum tones are there at least.
  4. Unfortunately, I didn't get to the Annex and the Piper Enforcer therein on that trip, so no Mustang trifecta :-( Walk Arounds
  5. Was just playing about last night with this profile of the Skyraider's daddy:
  6. For those who may be interested, I've posted a few walk around pics of the NMUSAF's AD-5/A-1E – this is the aircraft that Major Bernard Fisher flew on his Medal of Honor mission, and also last year prompted a temporary shutdown of the gallery it's now residing in when it was discovered that it wasn't fully defueled when originally put on display. at: http://www.aircraftplans.info/walk-arounds.html I've also been plowing through the Naval Aviation News archive, available for free at http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/newbackissues.htm and have indexed at least some of the Skyraide
  7. Listed at: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ssn=dataviewpublishing&_pppn=r1&scp=ce0&_rdc=1 Tupolev Tu-4: Soviet Superfortress Newly listed1955 Cessna 310 Businessliner ad Newly listedWWII 1945 Martin Mars flying boat ad Newly listedConsolidated Vultee Convair Convairliner ad Dornier Do 23: First Bomber of the Wermacht Newly listed1955 Piper Super Cub ad Newly listedBeechcraft Beech Super 18 ad Newly listedGarrett AiResearch Douglas DC-3 ad Mikoyan's Piston-Engined Fighters Newly listedContinental Plastics Division / PCA - Capital Airlines
  8. A lazy day today (for once!) so I broke out the tools and did a quick little profile of the Vought 346B, a design considered during the evolution of the F7U. In my eyes, there's more than a little family resemblance to the F6U: F7U
  9. Listed at: ebay auctions Thanks for looking!
  10. Thank you! I'd been trying to wrap my head around the Blender interface for some time, but I finally made some progress. I started it with the idea of trying to make a flyable version for the X-PLane simulator at some point down the road. VS-322 was a real project in the sense that it apparently got a model # and a 3-view plan, but I don't know much else about it. I've never seen any models/mockups/other artwork, so I figure there a bit of room for artistic interpretation!
  11. After many, many abortive tries at producing something in 3D beyond two cubes rearranged to look something like a building, or things that looked like abstract art viewed through a fun house mirror while under the influence of banned substances, I finally sat down and learned enough of Blender to make something that resembles an aircraft: The Vought VS-322 - an unbuilt design that would have had an X-Wasp/R-4360 mounted P-39 style amidships. A lot more to do - the nose needs work (learning how to make props would help!) and the tail as well. But I'm going to step away from it for a time a
  12. Chris707


    I don't think I've posted this before; at least a quick search didn't seem to show it. A series of walk around shots of the NMUSAF's B and R: located at: Voodoo walk arounds
  13. Well, strictly speaking "walk unders" as these are suspended from the ceiling at the NMUSAF: at: Walk Arounds
  14. Couldn't find a pinned topic for the Invader, so started one here! A few shots of the NMUSAF's Counter-Invader: A-26 / B-26 walk around
  15. A few pics of the NMUSAF's J-model: B-36 walk around
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