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  1. I’d also got going on the intakes and some othe bits and pieces whilst waiting for the cockpit to arrive. But as it’s been stated before, this kit does just fall together, it’s an amazing kit, and so far, a very enjoyable build! The only issue so far with the kit was one side of the intakes ere missing some panel lines, a simple rescribing job, and I was happy with the results! Thanks for looking!
  2. G’day all, I’m going to start the new year with a new build, and it’s my favourite aircraft, in my favourite markings. F-14b from vf-103 jolly Rogers. For this build I’ll be using the awesome Tamiya F-14a carrier launch kit, and converting it into the b model. I don’t think this will be too hard to be done, I have the reskit GE exhaust set, and the kit has the correct fairing for the ge engine. The correct chin pod is included, and I’ve ordered the eduard brassin cockpit for the f-14 a late, which is correct for the b model. The only issue I know of the the front of the engines as show
  3. This is a kit high on my to do list, I’m following this and can’t wait to see more! This cockpit is going to be next level
  4. I’ve done heaps of eagles, and I never noticed the angle of the intakes on the ground being higher! Great attention to detail, and great execution on achieving the results, somehow I hadn’t seen this build, but I’m following it now, I can’t wait to see some paint flying!!
  5. I agree EkectroSoldier! I’m currently doing the Tamiya F-14D as a B. The A plus Quinta Studio set is in the mail, but eduard still has all of the metal frames for the canopy and other details around the footwells, pedals and other small vents
  6. Great looking cockpit there, and the scratch build oxygen hose really sells it! For oxygen hoses like that, I’ve started using guitar strings. Cheap, easy to get and they have the texture of the oxygen hose
  7. I’ve purchased spare sprues before on eBay. They’re always packaged good and at a reasonable price, I’ve only purchased 1/32 scale, but it might be worth a search. when searching, I’ve had best results with a very broad search, i.e 1/32 spare sprues. Good luck
  8. G’day all, I’ve always been looking through the Arc website and forum, for at least 15 years now, but this is my first In progress thread! After a big family move, it was time to start building again, and I’m trying a switch from 1/32 to 1/48 scale, and I’m a big US Navy fan, so I’m trying the Super Hornet from Meng. The aircraft I was interested in was the VFA-137 Kestrels with the digital camouflage from DXM. Long since sold out, so I tried the forum here, and within 48 hours a member had gotten back to me, I’d payed for them and they were in the mail! Thanks Tigerfan112!!
  9. G’day all, I know this is a long shot, but I’m wondering if anyone has, and is happy to sell at a reasonable price, a set of the DXM 1/48 Kestrel digital scheme decals? I’ve tried eBay, but prices are over 4 or 5 times the rrp, I know they’re sold out, but that’s crazy! Thanks Keith
  10. Awesome work, this is on my to do list, so I’ll be following this build with great interest! I’m also hoping that the aftermarket world will come to the blackbird party!
  11. There’s a build on the forum at Large scale planes by Marcel. He had recently built a Trumpeter tomcat and used the Zactomodels intakes, which are awesome, and is now building the Tamiya kit. Marcel used the Trumpeter kit intake pieces in the Tamiya intake fuselage pieces! You might find the spare sprues on ebay
  12. Am xtreme is an enamel based paint, it’s pre-thinned ready for airbrushing, but you’ll need something to clean your airbrush. I don’t like mixing paints and thinners, AK make an xtream thinner/ cleaner, that’s what I use to clean up
  13. Here’s a photo of a B1 that isn’t as weathered as the one provided. As new, they’re white, and then heat and other elements change that. It’s only me, but I’d start with white, and start the weathering/ staining process from there
  14. Awesome, I’m in Australia! Finally aftermarket close to home!!
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