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  1. Excellent work. This is work is something I wish I could aspire to.
  2. Where does it come from? As I'm intrigued. Thanks Darren
  3. I have the first version, so will be getting the updated version also.
  4. Super build Darren. Just got one of my Tamiya kitty's I love it. Can't wait to get my second one :)
  5. I have one on pre-order and I'm undecided whether to do it as a VF-1, VF-111 or VF-124 jet. Although all the different blocks confuse me. I know the difference between the undernose pods, TF-30 as opposed to F-110 engines, and ECM bumps. But other than that I'm confused.
  6. Never mind brain fart. It would do me good to look right through the book, not just bits of it lol
  7. Hi guys. And F-14 experts. Been looking at my Hobbyboss F-14 cockpit and the two circled bits don't look right, as can't find em in any references. What say you?
  8. Thank you Joel. The Lanc is my favorite all-time airplane. So always try to get em just right.
  9. Thank you Joel! I like my models to match color wise. I think I achieve that!
  10. So this is Avro Lancaster B.Mk.II DS842 as built by Armstrong-Whitworth. She is in the markings she wore while with 514 Sqdn 3 Group RAF Bomber Command from December 1943-July 1944. From there she went to 1668 HCU, and was SOC in March 1945.
  11. So this Lanc was one of 400 built at Armstrong-Whitworth at Baginton in Coventry. She is seen in the markings when she was on strength with 424 (Tiger) Sqdn RCAF from January-October 1945, which was based at Skipton-on-Swale as part of 6 Group Bomber Command. NG347 was scrapped in May 1947. Having Canadian heritage I had to do a Canadian operated one. And seen here with my recently completed Lanc B.Mk.II to give an indication of size.
  12. Thank you for the comments gents. This Spitfire will be the first of an Israeli theme :wub:
  13. And she's done. This Spitfire represents a Mk.IXe from the 107th Tayeset at Ramat David Air Base, Israel in 1954. This aircraft was purchased from the Italian Air Force.
  14. The main airframe is complete on the IXe. Now just the u/c and prop to do.
  15. And the Mk.IXe has had decals applied.
  16. Kit manufacturer: Eduard 8282 Scale: 1/48 Type: Spitfire Mk.IXc Early version Extras used: True Details wheels Paints and colours used: Lifecolor UA 519 Dark Earth and UA 518 Azure Blue. And Humbrol 84 Mid Stone The model represents EN354 as flown by 1st Lt. Leonard V. Helton of the 4th FS of the 52nd FG at La Sebala Airfield in Tunisia in June 1943. The 52nd FG swapped their Spitfire's for Mustangs in March/April 1944.
  17. And we're done with the Mk.IXc. I'll take better ones in the morning in daylight.
  18. I've found some Resin wheels in my greeblies box. So I've decided to use them on the Mk.IXc. And using the Eduard PE hub covers too!
  19. Thank you Joel. Right so. Update time. And the decals are on the IXc. Those decals for the Mk.VIII broke up as soon as they hit the water.
  20. And the camo is being applied. And the Mk.IXe receives a nice shiny coat.
  21. Thank you gents. Some progress. The Mk.VIII and Mk.IXc are in the process of having desert camo applied. And the IXe will be in HSS in Israeli markings :wub:/>
  22. So here they are. A Mk.IXc, Mk.VIII and a Mk.IXe. The Mk.IXc and Mk.VIII will be in US markings, and the Mk.IXe in Israeli markings.
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