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    Soviet Spitfires

    Can anyone tell me where I can find information on Soviet marked Spitfire Vs and IXs please?
  2. Hi Douglas, the only pic I have of the Tomcat ladder access panel is in Squadron Signal's walkaround on the F-14.
  3. Thanx to everyone for their help on my Tonka, it is much appreciated.
  4. Can anyone tell me if the Intakes on RAF Tornado's are GREY OR wHITE PLEASE ?
  5. Thanx Spike, do you know if "JohnnyWalker" is the COs aircraft?
  6. Thanx for the info Dave nice one :o
  7. Thanx Skii, am I right in thinking that "Johnny Walker" is the COs aircraft? :o
  8. Hi Spike can you tell me what colour the wheel bays and gear legs are please, I was going to paint them Light Aircraft Grey.
  9. Hey peeps has anyone got any idea what the F/A-18F/F colours are please? ;)
  10. Hi Skii only me, is Light Aircraft Grey a suitable colour for Tornado wheel bays and legs?
  11. So why is everyone against 9 Sqdn? ;)
  12. Thanx Skii mate,I can rest easy now.
  13. Ok then people what colour do I paint the wheel bays of my Tonka, Revell says White? But I have seen them painted Grey!
  14. Thanx Merv, why 9 Sqdn you say, well my late grandad was in No.5 group Bomber Command and no.9 was also in that group, once again thanx mate.
  15. Hi Skii thanx ate will do.
  16. Hello everyone i'm building Revell's Tornado GR.1 and using the Airfix GR.4 parts to make an excellent model, can anyone provide me of photo's of Tornado GR.4s with No.9 Sqdn RAF please.
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